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  1. GamerARK13


    What about an upgrade to bows and arrows,a (strongest material in GC) bow with a silk leather mesh a beam projector at the end of the bow to shoot arrow shaped lasers, the power of the laser is determined by how far and long you pulled back, and I rechargeable as it doesnt need arrows just power
  2. GamerARK13

    Food Decomposer

    Who said It had to be our minerals? (Grins evily)hghgh sheep hghg I have a bad cough
  3. GamerARK13

    Ok ill help

    Ok ill help
  4. GamerARK13

    Into the unknown

    Minecraft forever
  5. GamerARK13


    The difficult part in my opinion would be the dimensions viewing because if micdoodle wants a camera, the security craft team has some in their mod
  6. GamerARK13

    Into the unknown

    I just hope we won't always have to use rockets to get around, there so old
  7. GamerARK13

    Ideas for what should be added to mars

    Mars Attacks?
  8. GamerARK13

    Trading system for Alien Villagers

    Civilization beyond Earth and regarding their services, maybe thet can teach us to ward of zombies with our minds like they do
  9. GamerARK13

    Populating, Items, Planets, and More

    By the way for the Bird race how about the name AVIANS
  10. GamerARK13

    Extra exploration stuff

    How about Mjrlegends, he made blank planet as a request and put it in the addons, maybe he can help us EDIT: Maybe he can help you
  11. GamerARK13

    Team Logos

    Im not sure what your talking about *wink wink* but I had an idea like this on my earlier possible suggestions thread
  12. GamerARK13

    Team Logos

    This looks familiar
  13. GamerARK13

    Gas Mining of Planets

    These lightning storms and high wind could add more power to the place
  14. GamerARK13

    More generated structures in planets and satellites (moons)

    Like Pappa the rapper says: you gotta believe
  15. GamerARK13

    More generated structures in planets and satellites (moons)

    Yeah, and giant crashed meteorites
  16. GamerARK13

    Gas Mining of Planets

    Nothing like the Classics
  17. GamerARK13

    Gas Mining of Planets

    ...... and with some time it will become a huge sprawling Place, like the floating city in Star Wars V
  18. GamerARK13

    Space Suits

    Hmmm armourized space suits...... reminds me of Dead space 2 and 3