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  1. SuperHammy3

    Flag Design Overhaul

    I'm thinking flag design should be overhauled completely. I believe these features should be added to the flag design menu? - 16 preset colors (colors such as white, black, red, yellow, green, blue etc) - Pre-made flags (flags of countries and/or space programs) - Hexadecimal support (e.g you...
  2. SuperHammy3

    A ton of suggestions.

    I'm just going to make all of my suggestions in a single thread. Anyways. Suggestion #1 - Mercury Mercury is a lot like the Moon. Craters, heavily varying temperatures, both grayish and similar sizes. You would need Tier 2 thermal gear to survive the extreme temperatures of Mercury...
  3. SuperHammy3

    Thermal Padding T2

    Is there a way to obtain it? I'm not going to Venus anytime soon but I want to know if I can craft it or if it's in a dungeon chest or something.
  4. SuperHammy3

    Fuel Leaks

    I'm pretty sure Galacticraft has a hard mode configuration option. I think this would be a good addition to it if there is one. Basically - If you are on let's say the Moon. You just landed. You haven't gotten the fuel out of your lander yet. After spending some time on the Moon you suddenly...
  5. SuperHammy3

    Galacticraft 4 - Reaching Venus with a T2 Rocket

    I've tested some builds of Galacticraft 4 and have noticed that Venus requires a tier 3 rocket to reach while Mars needs a tier 2 rocket to reach. I think it would be more logical if tier 2 rockets could reach Venus due to Venus being closer to Earth than Mars is.
  6. SuperHammy3

    2-player rockets

    I own a private server with Galacticraft and other mods. Both of us have gone to every planet available in the mod. But we've had limited resources until a while ago and we struggled to get both of us on the moon and Mars. So I'm suggesting rockets that could hold 2 or more players. Of course...
  7. SuperHammy3

    Dungeons not generating with treasure rooms?

    Hi. I'm currently on Mars and I just checked out a dungeon. It had no treasure room. The same happened with two out of the three moon ones I visted. I'm using Galacticraft 3.0.12-465. Is this normal and is there a solution?
  8. SuperHammy3

    Question about Asteroids dimension

    I have a question about the asteroids dimension. If I launch in the same place twice will I be on the same asteroid as last time or will it be another random asteroid? I'm planning on setting up a base on the Asteroids and I want to know if I'll see the base again. Sorry if this is the wrong...