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  1. S_Hacker

    Dreamland 2.0 | GalactiCraft | 1.7.10 |

    IP Address: Modpack (USE FORGE 1.7.10) . . . Other links website: discord: rules...
  2. S_Hacker

    Make space great again

    "Make space great again!" This is on the download page, make whatever you will out of this.
  3. S_Hacker

    More content in near earth orbit/space station dimension

    I've made another thread on how boring space stations are and the little purposes they serve: So my suggestion is to make them more interesting! Here are some ideas of what could be added: Satellites Satellites are...
  4. S_Hacker

    Abandoned space stations and satellites

    Many people in the "media" section of this forum seem to be creating a lot of large and pretty cool-looking space stations. How useful are they really though? Near-earth orbit seems to be quite boring to be honest, there's really nothing to do up there. It would be nice if some experiments...
  5. S_Hacker

    Change the pixel grid/resolution of flags

    With the current flag grid, it's impossible to perfectly fit 13 stripes evenly if you want to make an American flag. There should be an option to change the pixel grid so you can fix this issue with flag patterns like this.
  6. S_Hacker

    How to change the texture of the sky?

    Is there any way I can change the texture of the sky in galacticraft? I'd rather make it to look more realistic.
  7. S_Hacker

    How do I change the texture of the Earth?

    I've noticed that Earth looks pretty bad and low resolution, is there any way I can change the texture? I can't seem to find it when I open the jar file with 7zip.
  8. S_Hacker

    REAL microgravity in near-earth orbit

    In near Earth orbit, (where you can build a space station) there is still a small gravitational pull and there's an up and down. My suggestion is if a "zero" gravity system is added along with being able to walk on walls and the cieling. :)
  9. S_Hacker

    Ice on the moon

    This is just a small suggestion, but besides water from moon villages, if you can look up "ice on the moon" there is evidence that proves there is frozen water on the moon in the northern and southern poles. I was suggesting, maybe ice can naturally be found on the moon.
  10. S_Hacker

    More realistic sky

    When you go in space in galacticraft especially on the asteroid belt, you can notice that the sky looks sort of cheap with just a black background with white dots. My suggestion is that in space, the sky will be more realistic with maybe "clouds" and a sort of blue-ish tint like you would see...
  11. S_Hacker

    Low volume in space

    Whenever I go into space, the volume gets EXTREMLEY low. And I have to turn up my speakers all the way just to hear something. Is this supposed to happen?