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  1. macman7

    Minecraft crash error

    Your game type (Server or Client): Client (SSP) Your Galacticraft Version: 0.0.9 Minecraft Version: 1.4.7 Minecraft Forge Version: Any other installed mods: MCP v7.26 FML v4.7.4.520 Error Report (if applicable): Screenshot 1(First half)...
  2. macman7

    UNIVERSE-CRAFT | Galacticraft Server | Whitelist | PVP |

    Minecraft Username: macman7 Age: 15 Country: USA Do you swear a lot?: On the occasion, but not frequently. Have you ever griefed?: Only on servers that allow it. Are you mature?: Yes How do you like to play Minecraft?: I like to play Minecraft with a good community. Also, I enjoy using a good...
  3. macman7

    Bug when clicking on the space helmet area in (R)

    Hello again, I found this bug while playing. Whenever I click on the space helmet area, I crash and the error message comes up. Here's a video I took of it This also happens to me after playing for a few minutes. Not sure how to fix this...
  4. macman7

    Minecraft crash error

    Hello! I just installed the Galactic Craft mod, but I encountered a problem. After a few minutes of playing (The time varies) I get this message I really want to play this amazing mod, so any help is appreciated!