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  1. Jake1702

    Which addon adds this ""?

    I CAN'T GO ON THE MOON AND THERE'S NO INDICATION WHICH ADDON ADDS IT. All I get when I land is "High Radiation Level" and then I instantly die.
  2. Jake1702

    GC Machine Recipes Not Showing in NEI

    I have a bit of a strange issue here. The recipes for stuff like basic and advanced wafers for the circuit fabricator, compressed metals in the compressor etc aren't showing in NEI. However, stuff like wafers from ADDONS are showing perfectly fine. Just seems GC Core stuff isn't. I can't seem to...
  3. Jake1702

    Make stone torch work like regular torch

    So, the way it is when you place a vanilla torch on another planet without oxygen and it goes out, should be done with the stone torch from Tinkers' Construct. They currently light no matter where they are, and I would assume like regular torches they need oxygen to burn: