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  1. TheDoominator

    Im trying to setup the workspace again. Having trouble

    It's really confusing, can someone help? I'm doing it for 1.12.2 and I want to add planets etc
  2. TheDoominator


    Am I allowed to make an addon that does not use the galacticraft source? e.g an addon that adds more structures on the overworld
  3. TheDoominator

    How do you setup the workspace so you can make a galacticraft addon for 1.12.2?

    I can't find out how to set up the workspace for making glacticraft addons:/ can someone help me please
  4. TheDoominator

    Are you still updating?

    ok cool
  5. TheDoominator

    Are you still updating?

    Are you still updating the mod? Will it be released for 1.13.2 (I like 1.12.2 the most) and are there going to be more planets and spaceships? And all that? Also this is one of my favourite mods