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  1. Benoni

    Weird footstep bug

    Well this is an interesting bug...
  2. Benoni

    Bigger Earth

    If you create a space station and you look beneath you, you see a small earth.. the thing is.. space stations are really low in orbit so the earth beneath you must be muchhhh bigger.. Just a suggestion.. -Benoni
  3. Benoni

    Moon/Overworld Stone

    Lol why is the bottom of the moon just normal overworld stone?
  4. Benoni

    GC Be Aware!

    On 'Galacticraft' dot com there is fake download that may contain virusses. I know Mitch already said this but for the peoplo who didn't read that, You now know. -Benoni
  5. Benoni


    I used Mekanism with Galacticraft and that is super awesome! I don't need a Galacticraft Jetpack anymore! :D
  6. Benoni

    Farming on Mars

    It would be cool if you could hoe the ground of Mars you wouldn't need to bring dirt with you or other things from Earth. You'll only need to bring water and a hoe. I think it is a cool idea. What do you think?
  7. Benoni

    Rocket Idea

    I had some idea's... if you crash you're rocket than it gets destroyed... what if you crash you're rocket you get some parts back? you'll have to use less materials to build a new rocket. Good Idea? :)
  8. Benoni

    Rocket Idea

    I really like the rockets and that you can fly with them but i have a idea for a tier 3 rocket. It's just like a tier 2 one but it is bigger it uses more heavy duty plating and you can add another slot so you can in 1 rocket with 2/3 persons. the more people in the rocket, the rocket is bigger...
  9. Benoni

    Galacticraft incompatible with Biomes o plenty

    Galacticraft is with the planets not very compatible with Biomes o plenty. Biomes o plenty causes flowers to spawn all over the freaking moon what ruïns the moon in my opinion. I make a snapshot of it as soon as possible -Benoni
  10. Benoni

    I'm Benoni :D

    Hi i'm new to this site! i know Galacticraft all very long and then found this awesome forum! i will be very active! -Benoni