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  1. armdn

    Cannot Create Space Station

    MC 1.7.10, GC 3.0.12, GS 1.1.7 The issue that i can't create a Space Station in any way, will it creative mode or normal... Required resources in inventory... but still no go. The menu itself appears to create, but every time i clicked "CREATE" it does nothing.... What can it be??
  2. armdn

    All armdn's extraterrestrial bases.

    A new Beginning! I landed on the moon to make a terrain recognition for new building.
  3. armdn

    External Sealable IDs.

    What the format for multipart IDs?? Just can't get it to work. Tried to add like this: 4942:1 but in logs i see that this is air not glass cover... For example, i added block id 4942: and what i have in logs: [22:41:23] [Server thread/ERROR] [Galacticraft]: [config] External Sealable IDs...
  4. armdn

    GC3: Gravitation and Ladders.

    With low gravity on orbit dimension, almost impossible to use ladders. Only moving up, nor down. Is it possible turn back gravity to 5% like it was in GC2?
  5. armdn

    All Armdn's Bases, Stations and Shuttles.

    Just made it! Now on orbit near Overworld! Multipurpose Transport Space Ship "Buran". GRAU Index 11F35 K1. Now on orbit to build space station!
  6. armdn

    armdn's Moon Colony: Base 1.

    Thats my GC2 base on Moon. Sooner will migrate to 1.7.x MC, and base will be renewed. Landing site. Flyover view. Main living module. Base defended by automatic sentry guns from ICBM. Solar grid and accumulators. Entry. RTGs section. 4 RTGs with 32 EU/t output each. Enough to...
  7. armdn

    Resources on the Moon.

    Why not adding additional ores on moon, as IRL Moon have an Iron, (Copper, Tin already added), Uranium, Magnesium, Thorium, Silicon, Titanium (moon really enriched by titanium), bunch of Tungsten, Silver, Gold, Aluminum and Water ice. Also if connect with GregTech, moon turf could be refined to...