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  1. Stone Rhino

    Transparent Airlock

    Could we have a configurable airlock that we can see through rather than the default grey metal?
  2. Stone Rhino

    Space minecarts?

    While this might be as redundant as just making a breathable oxygen tunnel, but its a thought.
  3. Stone Rhino

    Jailbreak, but in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

    I just finished off blightfall with one other person (this took us since mid Feb to pull off!) and had a brilliant idea. What if I could make a jailbreak scenario/quest type of map where you're imprisoned on a space station? Its been bugging the heck out of me to do something like this but I...
  4. Stone Rhino

    I have a doozy! Cant seem to find the problem.

    So I've posted this on the github, but I dont think its been given any looking. So I am going to post it here as well. My server is having a bit of a problem with users switching planets. Every time someone switches, they get hung in the galaxy map. Some times the server will move them. Other...