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    how do spin thrusters work?

    I clicked right clicked and did almost everything else and I cant make them to spin somthing. I tried them in the astroid belt... didnt work tried on the space station and didnt work. How do you use a spin thuster?
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    Micdoodle posted on twiter hes gonna have a build for gc3 next week so finnaly the wait for a release date is overcand we all get to enjoy gc3! Although the downside is that he said it was gonna be unstable so yeah problably lots of bugs cant wait! (For the update,not the bugs) :)
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    Dev builds for GC 3?

    I have been waiting for GC 3 for a while and wondered if there was any links for a development build. I know a person (sorry currently I cant see your name) who put a GC 3 dev link but it didn't work when I clicked on it :(