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  1. Stone Rhino

    Jailbreak, but in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

    YUNoGudAtDis Stone? *facepalms* Thought WE would make things easier.
  2. Stone Rhino

    Transparent Airlock

    Could we have a configurable airlock that we can see through rather than the default grey metal?
  3. Stone Rhino

    Jailbreak, but in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

    How friendly is worldedit with GC?
  4. Stone Rhino

    Space minecarts?

    While this might be as redundant as just making a breathable oxygen tunnel, but its a thought.
  5. Stone Rhino

    Jailbreak, but in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

    Minetweaker, yes I've looked at it before, but many mod owners do NOT like you breaking their tech progressions. I can name a few AE and RotaryCraft are two such. As this will be 1.10.2, RotaryCraft will not be a problem (going to miss it). The Coding part is LUA and other nonsense needed for...
  6. Stone Rhino

    Jailbreak, but in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

    I just finished off blightfall with one other person (this took us since mid Feb to pull off!) and had a brilliant idea. What if I could make a jailbreak scenario/quest type of map where you're imprisoned on a space station? Its been bugging the heck out of me to do something like this but I...
  7. Stone Rhino

    I have a doozy! Cant seem to find the problem.

    So I've posted this on the github, but I dont think its been given any looking. So I am going to post it here as well. My server is having a bit of a problem with users switching planets. Every time someone switches, they get hung in the galaxy map. Some times the server will move them. Other...
  8. Stone Rhino

    Known incompatibilities and cross-mod issues [1.7.10 and 1.7.2]

    Ohh goodness. I almost upgraded rotarycraft. Was this while the microturbine was doing work or just sitting idle? Also was it being fed fuel and how was it being fed?