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    Artfical Gravity for Space Stations

    I would love this addition, normal gravity is soooo much better
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    Space station gravity config

    Please could a config option be added to 1.12.2 that allows space stations to have the gravity they did back in 1.5. Im sure a lot of people like the newer style but everyone ive spoken to/played with has asked if there is a way to revert it. PS: sorry if this has been requested and denied...
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    [Question]Fall from orbital station

    Id love a way to put gravity back to 1g on space stations, while im sure a lot of people like 0g it annoys the everliving hell out of me, havnt bothered building a space station at all since 1.5.2 but would love to again.
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    Addon [1.7.10] ExtendedPlanets [ALPHA]

    It automatically downloaded a file, still only have to put it straight in the mods folder though
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    Addon [1.7.10] ExtendedPlanets [ALPHA]

    Do I put the .zip straight in the mods folder or do I have to do something to make it a .jar?
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    Addon [1.7.10] ExtendedPlanets [ALPHA]

    Just found this, looks good and looks like it could be amazing with time, especially when put together with MJRLegends' ExtraPlanets. May I suggest that instead of working on many different features at once, do one at a time and complete it (or atleast get it to a usable stage). Even if its only...