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  1. 19abaranet

    Can't go back to earth?

    So here's what happens, I go up to space using either a space ship or /dimensiontp (Both do the exact same thing) and when i take a rocket back (or try using /dimensiontp to go back) and then i click the "Send to dimension" button while "Overworld" is selected then, it goes back to the planet...
  2. 19abaranet

    Galacticraft lets play

    ... ok? i didn't really understand what was going on in the video. Also maybe you should get a new mic...
  3. 19abaranet

    Pictures created with computer craft paint...

    Since, I'm an excellent artist! I decided to show you some pictures i made with computer craft's paint program! (At least its semi-galacticraft related) Anyway, time to showcase! If you want me to draw a certain thing please say in the comments! It's obvious isn't it? It's a pikachu sitting by...
  4. 19abaranet

    A new game?

    Naw. He is waiting till April 1st, then he'll talk...
  5. 19abaranet

    Kitchen Disigning!

    Lol you probably thought this was a spam or something because of the other spams of kitchens... but anyway. I need help making a cafeteria in my space station... Anyone got any ideas? [EDIT]: I litterly called it kitchen designing as a joke to the spams XP
  6. 19abaranet

    I would like galacticraft to have...

    A LITTLE MORE DOING AND LESS WAITING! I think in survival what I'm doing most of the whole time is waiting for things to smelt, compress, ect. Rather then actually doing anything! I find this a little boring and would like to see some way to make things faster...
  7. 19abaranet

    LividPumpkin's Space Station (not Completed)

    By the way just wondering. Is that computer shown in the 2nd picture do anything? I feel like i want to come in the space station and just add more computers and motoms everywhere... XP Also what are all the mods your using?
  8. 19abaranet

    Ezer'Arch's Orbital Space Station and Launch Bases

    I would like to know if there is a way to transfer a space station from one world, to another...
  9. 19abaranet

    Minecraft/Galacticraft Quiz :3

    I deserve an avatar who agrees?
  10. 19abaranet

    Building a space station...

    Building a space station...
  11. 19abaranet

    Is this a bug or not?

    I was working on making a parachest disposal system for my space station you see. and when i was testing it out i found that... Parachests have no redstone interaction at all! Meaning they can't be pushed by pistons, don't interact with hoppers or comparators, ect. I wonder is this a bug or is...
  12. 19abaranet

    Aluminum wire kills...

    I have a problem with IC2 but i have no problem with buildcraft...
  13. 19abaranet

    how much planets

    you know what would be great? a the ability to create more then one space station!
  14. 19abaranet

    How to build an easy and safe Airlock System(SSP-SMP Support)(UPDATED)

    I have no idea lets just randomly bumb dead topics...XP
  15. 19abaranet

    Minecraft/Galacticraft Quiz :3

    whatever never mind... It's just a thing... I'm trying to say that i'm the cutest mouse...
  16. 19abaranet

    Need ideas on what i should build in creative...

    WAIT! I know EXACTLY what i should make... I should make a Pokemon Gym for pixelmon IN SPACE!! It's a great idea! 2 mods that don't go together at all!
  17. 19abaranet

    Minecraft/Galacticraft Quiz :3

    It's a joke because my skin is darth pikachu... :P nvm... oops... I think i forgot to put those answers in there... I'll fix it.
  18. 19abaranet

    Are there any addons? There are no Public, Downloadable, addons for galacticraft?

    Title says all.. I wonder why... They make addons for other mods. Why not this one. This mod needs an addon of some sort!
  19. 19abaranet

    I'm looking for a server for a new youtube series...

    Anyone? Nope? ok I'm on hold...