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    Suggestion: InGame Add Sealable Block + Wildcard for metadata

    Just one suggestion I would really command to add sealable block holding in hand to config.... Or at least being able to add them dynamically without needed restart :) And...wildcards for block metadata, please! (it looks like it works, but GC complains in a log) :)
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    GC is just wrong :D

    Hey guys. It is jut theory, buuuut... :D
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    First login of player after startup, warn from GC

    > [09:31:10 INFO]: Client protocol version 1 > [09:31:10 INFO]: Client attempting to join with 43 mods ...
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    How to NOT play Galacticraft

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    Permissions for GC commands

    Hi, at wiki, there are only updated permission nodes for inviting/uninviting players for space stations, but I did not found permission nodes for joining the space race. What is that one ?
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    Teleporters + dimensions

    Hi, I just want to ask how it is with teleporters across dimensions? Is it INSANELY expensive, or is it disabled? I would like to have some more configs for this, especially being able to disable teleportations between dimensions (so some check if another teleporter is in same dimension) or ...
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    1.7.10 GlowingMines Industry server | Latest GC(225) | GregTech aimed modpack.

    Hi, I want to introduce my server. With update to 1.7.10 we added GalactiCraft (planned for longer time), so the space race can start. We have our own modpack, with aim for no day-to-win mods, so you can expect long gameplay. It is related around GregTech, which is one of the most...
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    GT oregen compability for GC planets (Moon and Mars) [GregTech-Addon]

    Hi, With new support of custom other-mod generation of ores in galacticraft dimensions, anybody can generate other mod ores at Moon/Mars. However, due special GregTech ore generation rules (Big veins, a lot of ores, not blocks but tile-entities etc) it was not working with GregTech. Now, with...
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    Renewable Dungeons

    I would like to have renewable dungeons everywhere, where GC dungeon boss spawns. I mean - After I kill him, it won´t spawn once again now. This is good for singleplayer, but not good for multiplayer servers. So I would like to suggest this. Everytime somebody enters boss room (and nobody is in...
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    Git: Beam Receivers - add energy receiving ability to other mods blocks.

    Do I get it right, that now we should be able to place beam receivers on other-mod blocks to transfer power into them? (And from them) Because I tried few things, which make sense that they could get the energy from them (compatible energy system) And nothing worked (I cannot place receivers on...
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    Mars and other dims world gen

    Hi, I have small modpack and I want to generate some more things in Mars and so to motivate people going there more. But even I have this in config : # If this is enabled, other mods' ores and all other features (eg. plants) can generate on the Moon and planets. Default: false B:"Generate...
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    GC more compatible with other mods

    Hey, we used GC for a long time on our server, but it was not all time good. Everywhere we were getting compatibility issues and problems. For 1.7, the plans are to stop using GC forever and get some similar mod instead, because of incompatible things. A lot of bug were repaired since the...
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    Ingot compressor deletes inventory

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.4 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = Detailed Description = No Detailed Description Provided Full Forge Log =