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    A more realistic space station

    I think the that when you are on the space station, you should be able to fly freely around since it is a "orbital" space station. BTW, is it possible to mark topics as "read"?
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    Oxygen gear doesn't work underwater?

    Can it be coded so that the oxygen gear can work underwater, like so that you won't suffocate? After all, it does provide oxygen.
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    other entitie's oxygen

    is it possible to give another entitie a oxygen gear? I would hope that my pet dragon won't die flying around on moon.
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    Realistic rocket fuel

    normally the rocket fuel is liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen due to the fact that they are light and so-so cheap, or as a solid rocket fuel, people can use aluminum powder as rocket fuel. I think they should be change because right now no-one will launch a rocket using heavy oil as a...
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    Moon blocks replaced

    Client 0.0.14 forge: can't possibly list all mods ssp what happened was than all the moon blocks were replaced by water, it might be so because i changed the id (i had some id conflicts with other mods, so i changed the moon block ore to 777)