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    Addon [1.12.2] [1.7.10] Galaxy Space [2.0.14/1.2.14 Pre-Final Build]

    Crash : Yes, I was on another Saturn's moon and i did something like /time set 48000 to see it in night, then /dimensiontp'd to this moon
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    Galacticraft in 'hard mode' modpacks - discussion

    Jason, you can use minetweaker and this example of code: import mods.nei.NEI; var GCRefinery = <GalacticraftCore:tile.refinery>; recipes.remove(GCRefinery); NEI.hide(GCRefinery); The problem with config disabling the block completely can do bad stuff with other configs in client and server(AE...
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    Galacticraft in 'hard mode' modpacks - discussion

    I just imagined STEAM from RailCraft or Pollution from Thaumcraft...if you place it into world, it will go up and behave as gas. Also maybe good would be to look up at EnviroMine gas behaving.....It is a lot of mods using these techniques already, probably wouldn't be that bad to consult with...
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    Galacticraft in 'hard mode' modpacks - discussion

    Well nice job....however all these red it better to wait for ome succesful one? And for infinite water -> we normally use CodeChickenCore o Cauldron server thing to disable infinite water on server-level, so Dunno if it is really worth it to work on it. Because with NEI everybody...
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    Pipedream: Space station dimension working as the Nether

    One for the view on map : Can you name the Overworld by map name and not by "Overworld" ? :)
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    Pipedream: Space station dimension working as the Nether

    Well, it is normal that te world is bordered on servers to stop players from infinite generating of new chunks (lags, hdd usage, etc) For example our world is strictly small for now (and when it wil be needd, we can make it bigger) -> How would you choose coords on...
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    Better input/output face arrangement for machines

    Well, if changing this, why render INPUT ? The easiest change would be to let cables connect from any side, without needed "green thingie" The most non practical thing on the situation now is, that top and bottoms cannot be used , while the inputs must be opposite. This combination yields...
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    Suggestion: InGame Add Sealable Block + Wildcard for metadata

    Oxygen sealer connected directly to oxygen pipe walkway does not accept oxygen, even there it is enough in pipes EDIT: Oh, just SOMETIMES. I had two of them, opposite facing. One accepted, one not (east and west sides)
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    Suggestion: InGame Add Sealable Block + Wildcard for metadata

    + Why the /dimensiontp command generates chest with rocket, even though there is no rocket used? :) And one more : Any plan on being able to get other colors of "sealable wires and pies" ? I mean, the best would be to get the base texture from surrounding blocks. So It will look exactly as the...
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    Suggestion: InGame Add Sealable Block + Wildcard for metadata First : work, 2: doesn't work, 3: work, 4: doesn't work Same with full blocks, just used these for demonstration. Fifth picture shows /nbtedit of that block, I took the highlighted into the config and did not worked. When...
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    Suggestion: InGame Add Sealable Block + Wildcard for metadata

    Aaaand Carpenters blocks.....are taken as sealed ones, even you can look through them....that is okay...but.... If you put in the wall some glass (even the defined one), it is all okay....but if you put it on carpenters block, it wont deinetly seal, even though the nonglass block it will detect...
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    Pipedream: Space station dimension working as the Nether

    Dimension for each player is more easier and better. Also it is SAFE for them, becuase visiting the base means you need to have permission to visit that dimension.....if there can be more than one station in same dimension, you will nee just another protection thing....
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    Suggestion: InGame Add Sealable Block + Wildcard for metadata

    Just one suggestion I would really command to add sealable block holding in hand to config.... Or at least being able to add them dynamically without needed restart :) And...wildcards for block metadata, please! (it looks like it works, but GC complains in a log) :)
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    New power-GC3.conf option not working

    Radfast is good at repairing things, which we can deliver to him. :)
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    what mods do you use most with Galacticraft and why ?

    GregTech to change GC into high-tier tech , so you cannot fly into space in stone age. And a lot more mods which are compatible with it :)
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    Galacticraft question: Is there any PvE servers with just the galacticraft mod?

    We run Galacticraft as Top tier on our server....however, only pure GC is quite....boring....for servers it is not good to have the content you can finish in few hours of playing. Our concept is made for at least 6 months of gameplay (1 month of playtime at least) , which is somehow suitable for...
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    Private modpack crashes when placing GC machine?

    Waila{1.5.3} [Waila] (Waila-1.5.3_1.7.10.jar) U We use Waila 1.5.7a Definetly here is the problem. Does it crash when you look at some machine from mod that includes BC API? :) Becuase WAILA also needs APIs....
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    Guys iam what do do next !?

    Try some modpack that has more than just Galacticraft.....:)
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    GC is just wrong :D

    Hey guys. It is jut theory, buuuut... :D
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    First login of player after startup, warn from GC

    Nice, thanks :)