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  1. Flashy-3

    New Sol system?

    SO GC3 is out and its awesome, the beautiful Mars sky, the asteroid belt, and that AWSOME planet gui. But if you look closely it tells you Milky Way galaxy, Sol system. So I immediately got the implication that new solar system might be added in the future of Galacticraft, or mods, like Alpha...
  2. Flashy-3

    Micdoodle lied?

    Ok now I don't know if he did lie, but mic specifically posted that he is sharing screenshots of galacticrafts next planet, next rocket etc. like weeks ago and no one has seen anything, is it just a patreon reward or is mic trolling us?
  3. Flashy-3

    Achievement system

    Im actually surprised that no one has thought of, this, but I really think galacticraft needs some some achievements, some thing that gives players the motive to go into space. Maybe some thing that looks like this...
  4. Flashy-3


    EVERYONE! Mic just release an image of a red-orange mars sky for GC3! I hope GC3 comes out soon!
  5. Flashy-3

    Better moon structures

    Lets admit it, the moon is great and fun in all, but there is barely any new blocks or really anything besides a dungeon and moon village to explore, which both are rare, so why not add more structures, like crashed moon probes, or even better ancient structures like decaying alien underground...
  6. Flashy-3

    Can something new be added in soon?

    I don't want to be a jerk, or call out micdoodle, but what I do want to do is point out that nothing major has been added to galacticraft since mars, which was about 3-4 months ago. It just kinda bugs me that nothing has been added for a while except for bug fixes, when he said he would add more...
  7. Flashy-3

    Gliese 581g

    As many of you know, there is a solar system about 20 light years away form earth known as the Gliese 581 solar system with a red dwarf star, Gliese 581 , with 6 planets, but the most popular is gliese 581g due to its distance from its sun, and its habitability. Gliese 581g could have alien life...
  8. Flashy-3

    Galacticraft Planet pics

    Just the pictures of the 11 planets micdoodle8 made for the galacticraft version the yogscast used, im am putting these for download so you can use these as your own profile pic, do NOT give them to your friends and tell them they are yours, because that's is not cool, and remember, I DIDNT make...
  9. Flashy-3

    How do I make a GC resource pack

    Can someone explain how to make a resource pack FOR galacticraft? I was thinking about changing the textures of the moon or mars so they look like different planets for the people that are like"I NEED PLANETS NOW!!", but I don't know how to make a resource pack that includes a mod with it. So...
  10. Flashy-3


    Incase you guys haven't heard, micdoodle8 has just posetd a thread on the homepage about something called GALACTICRAFT 2. What do you think this is? Will it add more planets? More things to mars? Remove somestuff? Post below ideas of what this, cant wait to see what your going to do with it...
  11. Flashy-3

    Has anyone successfully coded a planet?

    I just wanted to know if anyone has coded a planet that has new bloc ks etc. and works. There are planets that work but are extremely buggy and don't have mew blocks. Has anyone made a planet with no game-breaking bugs and new blocks for said planet yet?
  12. Flashy-3

    Space elevators

    I made this thread because who wouldn't want space elevators? I know jasonb's doing that in spaceX but since of the bugs that wont be out for awhile. So why not add it in micdoodle? It would be an easy way to get to space without fuel. Here are some pictures that could possibly be used
  13. Flashy-3

    Ideas for what should be added to mars

    As you all know, mars was released about a month ago, and micdoodle8 said he would keep adding on to mars for while. Well I made this thread to find out what you guys all want or think should be added to the red planet. It could be mobs, crafting recipes new blocks, or even ancient microbes...
  14. Flashy-3

    render distance problem?

    I don't know if its just me or not, but when im on mars and my render distance is on normal, I cant see the stars, earth or the sun etc. its like bedrock fog, it works when I turn up the Render distance to far, but it cause's lag and its a pain to change everytime I go back to earth for a supply...
  15. Flashy-3

    Jupiter, gas or core

    This has popped up before so I made this thread. For Jupiter would you rather fly to the core and its metallic hydrogen seeas and mine its ores, or would you rather land on dense gas, use it for fuel and live with the balloon creatures. Would you do both? Would you do neither? Post your ideas...
  16. Flashy-3


    Hi, flashy3 here saying that the Lizardcraft server, managed by the Canadian lizard, needs more players. We currently only have OP's, and we need normal players too join. Its a great server, with the best space station and mars base ever. It also has a nice town too stay in. So come join...
  17. Flashy-3

    1.7 screenshots

    just some screenshots of the first snapshot, maybe it can influence some new Galacticraft ideas?
  18. Flashy-3

    Official Galacticraft server?

    I was wondering, hey? Could Galacticraft get a official server? Big mods like the aether2 have official server's. So why not Galacticraft? It would be cool to have one, with a bunch of statues and pyramids at the spawn. And there would be two main areas. A rocket pad to go straight into space or...
  19. Flashy-3

    where to find the Galaxy map?

    Im making textures for other solar systems and I want to make a custom galaxy map but I cant find it anywhere in the GC files. Does anyone know where to find it?
  20. Flashy-3

    The adventures of Master Chief: the red planet

    IM going to be posting screenshots of mars on here sooo........