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    cant grow trees on the moon?

    I cant seem to grow trees on the moon. I put a water source block next to it. I use bonemeal, and even when I do it 6 or 7 times it just wont grow. I think it has to do with the new bonemeal mechanism...
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    Can't inster fuel.

    Hi, theres a bug where I cant place fuel in the spaceship. it doesnt have a little slot, I think its cause of the new texture. but anyways I cant insert fuel so please fix this.
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    why a coremod?

    Hi, I am with a serious problem here. I have minecraftforge installed, but something is weird. My minecraft crashes when I put a coremod in the coremods folder, I cant fix it, I uninstalled all my other mods too. so could you change to a normal mod again please? it would make me very happy :)