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  1. RamiLego4Game

    The Forum In SpamBots Attack

    Currently a lot of threads get created for advertising a website ! Don't replay for that threads, Report them instead as SpamBot. Currently, The thing that tet them attach is that this forum is less security ! The way to fix that needs Micdoodle8 control, He should add captcha to stop spam bots...
  2. RamiLego4Game

    API Bug

    Currently I'm Working At Making Pixel Earth With Oxygen, So I Handeled Oxygen Suffocation Event, So I Cancel It For Evey Entity At My Dimension, But If I Go There I Don't Loss Hearts At Survival, But Oxygen Warning Text Still Showing At Screen, How Can I Fix That ? I Tried But I Have To Edit...
  3. RamiLego4Game

    Addon [GC3][1.7.10] Pixel Galaxy [Development Stopped (Because of school)]

    Pixel Galaxy: The First Public Galacticraft Add-on that Adds New Galaxy to Galacticraft Download : Github Status : Writing TODO list Changes: V0.9.0 (Stable) : 1- Cleaned some parts of the code. 2- Changed some of the textures. 3- New trees gen (Alpha). 4- New pixel wood blocks upgrade-able...
  4. RamiLego4Game

    API Tutorials

    I'm been working on Galatcicraft Wiki API Tutorials Click Here
  5. RamiLego4Game

    I'm working on Add-on for galacticraft MC1.6.4

    I'm working on Add-on for Galacticraft I finished java and mcp Now I'm learning about the GC API