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    Luck with the Ores?

    Copper, Aluminum and Tin side by side ;)
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    How stable is 2.0.14 ?

    Hello! :) I am planning on doing another long survival mode single player game. I've noticed the last version for 1.6.4 is 2.0.14 Now there's a 3.x Beta. Knowing that I prefer stability (the less bugs the better) over new features, is it correct to say that 2.0.14 is the safest version for...
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    Hello! :) Could anyone please give me an idea about which layers does Copper, Aluminum and Tin appear and are more common? Or they are equally common on any layer 0-64, making no difference in how close to bedrock you are? Also, I've searched the forums...
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    General Newbie Questions

    Hello! I'm quite new to Mods in Minecraft and I really wish to try Galacticraft. I have just a couple of questions that I would much appreciate if anyone could reply: 1. How stable is Galacticraft in SINGLE PLAYER? I've seen many bugs regarding Multiplayer, but I'd like to know if the latest...