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    A New Boss For Every Planet and Moon

    any ideas on how to find/spawn some bosses?
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    Jetpacks: Freedom of motion on space stations

    i posted a artificial gravity idea about magnetic flooring. maybe having it repel u a little bit while having enough gravity to keep u there? help u fly a bit like in creative
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    time travel

    hmm addon sounds good. s a buggy idea and should probably be made after devolopment of this mod is complete.maybe make a mini-modpack
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    i think moving a structure through dimensions causes lagg spikes of death
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    platform, spaceship, floor blocks and O2 system bugs

    k, but im pretty sure most problems with optifine were fixed in the update. i may have misinterpreted that post but just sayin
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    time travel

    well it depends what age u go back. like u can go back to dino times. or when mars had martians. that would be cool
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    if we can go to the sun, it better be at night then it wont be like the pic above
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    Trading system for Alien Villagers

    not oxygen, they breathe whatever the heck they breathe, and if they were advanced enough to sell rockets and rocket parts they should be advanced enough to get to earth. cheese curdles and moon ores? why not?
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    Better Space Stations

    yeah just make it bigger and add oxygen collcetors, distributors and a tree farm. although i like the landing/taking off sideways
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    Carbon Dioxide Generator

    since when do leaves decay? cant u just grow a tree?
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    Mission Control and Larger Space Ships

    dude micdoodle wants the spaceships to be customizable not have precreated sets
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    i dont think this is supposed to be an RPGfeel mod, if u like those, check out legend of notch. and he'll add planets when he makes a version without to many bugs but has planets.
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    Flying Launch Pad?

    why does optifine cause so many bugs with this mod? optifine is a pretty small mod, im want to learn about modding and coding and the physics of it.
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    Creating a Space Station

    a big thing is that u shouldnt use to many big mods. it tends to get really buggy and u shouldnt overdo it unless u know how to program and fix the bug. just advise, dont blame the modmaker unless its in a public modpack he is building with other modmakers.
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    better villages

    i think this is overpowered. just make it so alien villagers can trade. or make it so u have to do stuff for the mbefore they'll trade with you
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    time travel

    i think it would be cool to travel back in time to when the planets were different. like if we go back in time to earth it would be a lavay wasteland. also the mars would havve more neutral life before it was wiped out by the hostile life. dont have a huge amount of ideas because its micdoodle8s...
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    Adding other sources of electricty and other ideas.

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    Artfical Gravity for Space Stations

    why dont we just magnetized floor boards. if u fall off u it demagnatized. the block u use to magnetize is congifurable so u can change the gravity power:D
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    New Planets and Resources

    GREAT FREAKIN IDEA. but u guys think too big. doing the solar system causes enough bugs. micdoodle8 has enough on his plate and coding is VERY HARD. trust me i do it and it is hard. maybe he could get this eventually but dont expect it to happen in the next months. this would make minecraft a...
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    GalactiCraft Endgame

    i think there should be a sort of bad guy. he could be called ghanymede. oh yea hand u can pull stars and crap together and get big BOOM and create black holes with the gravity thing using the power of a neutron star