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  1. SebaSphere

    Addon [1.12.2] Interstellar - Exoplanets (

    There are no plans to backport to 1.7.10
  2. SebaSphere

    Addon [1.12.2] Interstellar - Exoplanets (

    There's been talks on the GC discord about porting it over to 1.12.2 Ik @ROMVoid was working on a port with the motherships. Not sure when the last time he touched it was but @kingofminers asked a similar question if people wanted to see a port. I think amun-ra motherships will be on 1.12 one...
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    ⚠ Important Galacticraft WorldGen Facelift

    The changes of new worldgen options in terms of terrain do sound nice. One change I think could be welcome is a overall change on uniqueness of dungeons on each planets. I think it could be cool if dungeons had more variety in terms of rooms with twisting paths and decorations to make it...
  4. SebaSphere

    [Upcoming?] Trying to gauge interest in a modded towny server

    I think it would be cool. Kinda get a flashback of some old server that died I used to play on. Would be quite cool to see a new server. I wouldn’t mind helping if you need @ComputerCrat32 . Just DM me on discord and I’d love to help.
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    NationWorld|Galacticraft-1.7-|20 slots|Whitelisted|Survival

    @Ezer'Arch May wanna lock this until OP starts up server again lol
  6. SebaSphere

    Rockets crashing.

    sorry needed to be done @MineDigMine
  7. SebaSphere

    Crash on loading world

    Ever find at issue Version hopping tends to break a bunch of mods so I recon starting a new save @Hollowex
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    NationWorld|Galacticraft-1.7-|20 slots|Whitelisted|Survival

    No problem. Channels where you can find some here tho
  9. SebaSphere

    NationWorld|Galacticraft-1.7-|20 slots|Whitelisted|Survival

    There's a bunch of servers available to join in in the galacticraft discord if that's your thing.
  10. SebaSphere

    NationWorld|Galacticraft-1.7-|20 slots|Whitelisted|Survival

    1. How old are you? 16 2. What time zone are you in? EST 3. What is your in-game name? SebaSphere 4. Have you ever used mods? What are mods lol. Yh I used ofc. 5. How will you contribute to the server? I'd like to check server out and see what it's about. DM me on my discord lol.
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    Rockets crashing.

    haha if it runs out of fuel tho, it crashes
  12. SebaSphere

    where is my space station?

    Oh hecc how did that happen
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    Are you still updating?

    @TheDoominator My guess is micdoodle would update to 1.13 forge by the summer. Currently busy with school so he's been a bit inactive :)
  15. SebaSphere mood rn mood rn
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    Galacticraft Central // Official Discord

    @vos did a oppsie and accidentally deleted all links :p
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    Galacticraft Central // Official Discord

    Now an official discord server