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  1. chezpaul

    Extra Planets Tips & Secrets

    NOTICE: "This mod updates pretty often (which is really cool), but sometimes the recipes change here and there, so don't take this advice as constant." I am using version 0.8.5 of Extra Planets with Minecraft 1.10.2 running Forge 2511. I'm a long fan of the Galacticraft and Extra Planets mods...
  2. chezpaul

    Dynamic Surround mod config for Extra Planets

    Would anyone out there have put together a config for Dynamic Surroundings under 1.10.2 for the Extra Planets mod? I have all kinds of birds and insect making all kinds of noises on most planets. ;-)
  3. chezpaul

    Actually Additions Mod turned off Galacticraft Oil

    So it looks like Actually Additions mod turns off Galacticraft oil! Running 1.10.2 latest 117 Galacticraft. Is that okay ? All my oil sources have disappeared from my map. Should I just turn off oil in Actually Additions? This is the server log: [18:30:21] [Server thread/ERROR] [FML]...
  4. chezpaul

    Terraforming Bubble machines

    Everytime I go back to my world, the bubble from the Terraforming machine can be seen and I turn it off and everytime I log back in, the bubble is there. Is that a bug ?
  5. chezpaul

    What is this?

    Every once in a while when I update Galacticraft, my Space Station get's all of these over and over. I have to go around and delete them. What are they?
  6. chezpaul

    From 363 to 399

    I updated this morning and I get this. [09:02:31 ERROR]: Could not register dimension -30 - does it clash with another mod? Change the ID in config. I didn't update any other mods. Should I change my asteroid planets to another ID then? Did you guys change the config?
  7. chezpaul

    Galacticraft & Just Another Spawner

    Anyone tried using this spawner ? CMS didn't work for me anymore (crashing server) so I moved on to JAS but now I have all kinds of animals on Mars. Anyone would know which config in JAS to work with?
  8. chezpaul

    Gas Liquifier

    How do I get my fuel with a buildcraft pipe out of my Gas Liquifier? There is no output. Not that I can see. I tried a pipe on all sides and nothing is coming out. I do have Fuel in there ready to extract, an electrical engine with power and redstone, a wooden pipe but nothing comes out and you...
  9. chezpaul

    Getting Fuel out of Refinery into Fuel loader

    So i'm at a loss. I got my crude oil pumped into the Refinery. I see it going up in there. I got electricity going in. I see the fuel being refined but how do I get it to the Fuel loader ? I got gold tubes going from the Refinery to the Loader but the fuel just stays in the refinery. I googled...
  10. chezpaul

    Crash when creating Stapce Station

    I'm trying to create a space station and it keeps crashing. Running a KCauldron server with Forge Mod Loader version and latest Galacticraft 1.7- Here's the full log. And just the crash log: [17:37:05 INFO]: Loading dimension 15...
  11. chezpaul

    Adding a new space station?

    First of all, thanks for such a cool mod. I'm running a Cauldron 1.7.10 server for me and my young kids and I went to space station to see it and would like to import another space station made by ezerarch. Of course SPACESTATION2 was created and the new space station has a SPACESTATION9 name...
  12. chezpaul

    Galacticraft Crashing on Forge Client side

    Great mod. My minecraft won't even launch... Thanks for helping out.