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  1. LividPumpkin

    How To Make Simple Planet Addon Please ?

    It's been a while since i have played Minecraft and now iam trying to make a planet it's just like a small addon test but i can't find something that can help me i have searched a lot in the forum but i can't find help it's not clear can anyone guys help me ?!
  2. LividPumpkin

    Galacticraft API how to install

    How to install Galacticraft API i have installed the source files and all the dev files but what to do then put the source in the src and dev in the build path but it says micdoodle8:any when i try to run minecraft from eclipse any help ?
  3. LividPumpkin

    Galacticraft API setup Problem

    when i try to load Minecraft from eclipse the game says Micdoodle core:any Help
  4. LividPumpkin

    Guys iam what do do next !?

    I have ran out of ideas on galacticraft what to do building bases then what ? Help give me ideas please
  5. LividPumpkin

    Help me in Minecraft

    Hello everyone when i open a server with MODS !!! my game start freezing that happened win i got a new graphics card called ASUS R7 240 Series and new memory card 8 GB please help me !!
  6. LividPumpkin

    An Earth-like planet ??!!

    An Earth-like planet? @NASAKepler found its 1st Earth-size planet in the habitable zone! You can see this on Tweeter this is awesome this planet away from us about 500 light years !!!
  7. LividPumpkin

    LividPumpkin's Space Station (not Completed)

    It's My Space Station LividPumpkin so it's not completed yet not all But it's Cool :D
  8. LividPumpkin

    Galacticraft/PVP/Survival/Mods/GalaxyEX Server

    server Ip : and remember to download latest galacticraft version 1.6.2 (V.893) i think and ModPack Link 1.6.2.rar and delete galacticraft and downlaod the new version 893 1.6.2 Have Fun :) JUST GUYS THE SERVER HAS...