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  1. Danese

    Galacticraft- New Supporter Cape

    So I really love Galacticraft... a lot! And I wanted to create something special for those who support the creator, Micdoodle8, via Patron. Also I just felt that the current donation capes were a bit old, and I think they should have a more customized look to them. c: Here is a the link to the...
  2. Danese

    Wrenches Deal Damage

    Wrenches Do a Small Amount of Damage Why is it that when I whack someone on the head with a GC wrench, it doesn't do any extra damage? I mean, I'm whacking their skull with a chunk of solid metal! Okay, so, I propose that, when you beat someone on the head with a wrench, the wrench does the...
  3. Danese

    Space Junk

    Space Junk in Space Stations: So basically, this is exactly as it sounds. In a space station, there is a chance that a hunk of junk will come flying by. This piece of trash could be a tier of thruster, a rocket engine, a cube of metal, or something along those lines. On Easy mode: The junk is...
  4. Danese

    A question about youtube videos of GC3

    Hey guys, Daniel here, and I have a question about youtube videos of GC3. Before I start, I just wanted to say I can't find a place to PM micdoodle8, and I tried to pm on twitter but haven't heard back from him. Also, if anybody knows a place where I can PM him, please say so :). My question: I...
  5. Danese

    Dantorian Space Race

    Dantorian Space Race[Galacticraft-Beta-1.7.2-] [20 slots] [Open] [Griefing] [PVP] [Raiding] Dantorian Space Race is the 1st ever Galacticraft 3 server :D ip: This server is fully functional and has no rules other than the following: 1) No Bullying (be nice and...
  6. Danese

    Asteroid dungeon schematic

    On every dimension so far, there are the following schematics: Next tier of rocket Extra schematic example: On the moon, there is the tier 2 rocket schematic and the moon buggy schematic. On Mars, there is the tier 3 rocket schematic and the cargo rocket schematic. Yes I know mic plans to add a...
  7. Danese

    what day will gc3 be released?

    Does anybody know what day galacticraft 3 will be released? its driving me nuts! xD
  8. Danese

    Customizable Rocket -->Sugestions<--

    Before I begin, I just want to say I am aware that Micdoodle8 already has customizable space ships in the works. These are just ideas for that idea :) The idea for customizable space ships has been in the works for a long time now. This post is for suggestions about what you could do to make...
  9. Danese

    Mars Colonies

    Hello everybody :) Today I am posting this thread because I think There should be some structures on Mars, this way, Mars could be even more exciting than the current level of excitement :D Through many science fiction novels that involve Mars as the main setting, There have been Mars colonies...
  10. Danese

    terraformer glitch

    The terraformer doesn't make any oxygen.... Is it supposed to make oxygen or is it to make getting oxygen easier? Because I am kind of hopeing that it makes oxygen. Or am I supposed to make a giant area of grass trees ect.? Need help -daniel
  11. Danese

    Mars base (coming soon)

    I am planning to make a new mars base, and I am waiting for micdoodle8 to make mars, so please be patient:) Enjoy the schematic above :) The base will consist of a ton of stuff, and will hopefully have enough oxygen to fill the whole base. Please set your configuration of galacticraft so...
  12. Danese

    Moon Base [coming soon]

    Hello everybody, and to day I introduce an awesome blue print of what will soon be a downloadable world save of an awesome moon base :D here is the picture: You might have to look at this sideways or print it out or something :/ Sorry for it being sideways.... Anyways, This will soon be an epic...
  13. Danese

    torches and glass

    I under stand torches not being able to be used on the moon without oxygen, but why can't you use them in oxygen bubbles and oxygen sealed areas? Theres oxygen, and torches need oxygen, so why? I think you should add it so torches work in oxygen sealed/distributed areas. Makes sence, right...
  14. Danese

    tier 1 boosters?

    Hello everybody:) I have noticed there are tier 1 boosters in galacticraft and I was wondering, what do I do with them? I've searched everywhere for information on them, and haven't found squat. What are they used for? I can't find a spot in the nasa workbench for them, and there's no place to...
  15. Danese

    Completly no gravity on space stations

    When I say completely no gravity on space stations, I mean you float around as if you where flying on smart moving mod (see smart moving mod). I personally don't like that mod, but I do like how realistic it'd be. Since you're on a space station, theres absolutely no gravity, so why do you come...