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  1. BCQX

    Can't see donor cape (others can)

    Hi, I recently noticed I can't see my donor cape, I'm playing on a server and other players can see my cape, but I can't. It's not a big issue but it would be nice if I could see my own cape.
  2. BCQX

    Old Galacticraft versions

    Don't know if someone knows it but the verry old versions of Galacticraft can't be downloaded anymore, it has been like this for over 2 years. All the links here ( are dead, can they still be downloaded somewhere?
  3. BCQX

    Game crash whit tier 2 dungun key

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.2 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = a0.1.39.653 Detailed Description = when i finaly found a dungen i want to open the chest whit the tier 2 dungun key and my game crashes Full Forge Log =
  4. BCQX

    Break a fuel pad get a launch pad

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.2 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = a0.1.39... Detailed Description = When i break a buggy fuel pad in survival i get a rocket launch pad and not a fuel pad! that is realy enoying! can you fix it soon pls? Greetings BCQX Full Forge Log =...