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  1. Matthew A

    Development How does gravity work in Galacticraft.

    This was a old question I had while creating addons for Galacticraft, how does this gravity system work? Yes you could have random numbers do the work for you but what if you wanted a accurate gravity system??? Is there like a formula where you multiply the planets gravity (m/s^2) or not...
  2. Matthew A

    Addon 4Space [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    MC VERSIONS: 1.7.x & 1.6.4 About: Want to explore many planets, asteroids and moons? Want to blast off with many new rockets, craft new armors, mine new ores and build with many new blocks? 4-Space includes all of the planets in our solar systems even some moons! So what are you waiting for...
  3. Matthew A

    Addon Help? GUI Selection Bug / Explanation

    Github Source : So recently we have updated 4Space to 1.7.10 but because Venus and other planets are in the selection GUI alredy we have ad some issues getting our planets to load. This is a example of Venus loading into GalacticraftCore's slot...
  4. Matthew A

    Just Spawned Asteroid Amazingness

    I just spawned in the Asteroid dimension and I spawned next to this: