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    Solar panel arrays for space stations

    I agree with him, I think it needs to be mid slim
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    Vacuum pump

    I think that would need a gas liquifier
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    That could work
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    combine goggles with helmet

    That could work
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    combine goggles with helmet

    So basically like an addition?
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    Food Decomposer

    Like a greenhouse block, or something like that
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    Food Decomposer

    That could work, but do you that could take time?
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    Heat bubbles and sealers

    That could work
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    How about a gravity generator to create gravity
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    Actually I think robots are a great addition galacticbot, but I would think of the astrominer is a robot Is that right ezer'arch astrominer is a robot or not?
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    Moveable Beacon

    So basically the beacons marks a position for your rocket to land?
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    Dude, can you help me how to use Techne

    Dude, can you help me how to use Techne
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    Magnetic belt to attract items before they fly away

    Question, Ezer'Arch if the magnetic belt attracts to object can it repel to other objects similar to a real magnet? (Metallic Objects to be exact.)
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    To make it short, it means a multiblock research consist of parts that functions the system for it to work. What he also meant that the player can take two routes to advance his progress in the mod
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    Shift should not automatically dismount when you are in a rocket launching to space

    Guys, I suggest you post this somewhere else, because this look like a bug or like a change, but anyway maybe someone could reply to you.
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    Ideas for what should be added to mars

    Enderspace thats a great a image that should have been added on the mars generation because according to sources mars has a big volcano called Olympus Mons
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    Planetary Annihilation

    Yes, that is on the warp drive mod but if they can't add it then make an addon instead
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    Gas Mining of Planets

    But scoops won't do anything only a vacuum can suck gases, it cannot be physically harvest since it is gas