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  1. GamerARK13

    Mega Terraformer

    There is always the problem of planets being uninhabitable, and the normal terraformers are to slow, so I propose A mega terraformer that could be launched from or built on Unihabital planets to terraform them for our needs, if its not possible so be it, Then the other terraformers will have to do
  2. GamerARK13

    S.G.C. Super Gas Cannon

    Ok heres my vision, small cannons that release gas, or gas grenades, such a feature could be help full, such as when a friend runs out of oxygen and you have a cannon loaded with a Oxygen tank, and can attach to the back of other players oxygen tanks if right-clicked while crouching, or if a...
  3. GamerARK13

    Planetary races in the multiverse.

    This would fit better with more planets. I was thinking what if there were other races on other planets that look like Steve (some of them) these people could be traded with and captures to study, if enough studying is done you can input your data into a special machine to breed soldiers with...
  4. GamerARK13

    advanced biological research.

    Hi I am GamerARK13 and this is my idea for biological research(this would work best if aliens are added). This adds the ability to kill and perform autopsies on the aliens or capture and interrogate them with a special machine. This could lead to new space travel tech, advanced weapons...
  5. GamerARK13

    my possible idea thread list

    Hi I am GamerARK13 and a fan of galacticraft. This is a list of good ideas for Galacticraft 3, 4, etc. So here we go: 1:Company logos: When I was designing my space race flag I thought how about a block version of the flag that if placed will show your flag, or you can place 3 blocks around it...