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  1. NuclearHurricaneSauron987

    1.7.10 GC Addon planets lost their gravity?

    I am noticing a strange but with More planets Galaxy Space & Extended planets They all lost their gravity Koentus Munce and Pluto and several other planets act like the 0 gravity space station affect after installing advanced Rocketry how do i fix this? All the dimension IDs and Biome IDS where...
  2. NuclearHurricaneSauron987

    Why does it say Dimension id for 0 does not exist?

    Ok so i have my own singleplayer modpack for my modded survival series on youtube called rulecraft the whole thing was running smoothley for 4 years until i tried loading in my world with 2 new mods Many systems and space advanced the game decided to take a dump and crash on me saying the...
  3. NuclearHurricaneSauron987

    How many Galacticraft addons exist for 1.7.10

    Hello my name is Nuclear Hurricane & i am looking for some galacticraft addons to do rulecraft season 23 in. if you dont know what rulecraft is go to my yt channel i know most addons More planets 4space extra planets amun ra extended planets zollern galaxy Galaxyspace im looking for other addons...