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  1. SebaSphere

    Galacticraft Central // Official Discord

    I opened up a discord server for the galacticraft multiplayer community. Feel free to join the discord server and stay informed on the latest updates in the galacticraft community. If you are a content creator, feel free to DM SebaSphere#0001 on discord for a rank...
  2. SebaSphere

    Minecraft comes alive // Space villagers

    I was playing on Dreamland with MCA and GC and brought a villager to space. Im not able to put on space suits on villagers. It would be a interesting mechanic if we could put space suits on overworld villagers and MCA villagers.
  3. SebaSphere

    Some Small Suggestions I had

    Water freezes in space Revamped Oxygen Distributor(allows players to suck gases in and out of any room. Weather it be in overworld or in space C Mode Oxygen Bubble Maker: Immediately places oxygen bubble, Configurable by player. C Mode Oxygen Remover: Removes all the oxygen from a bubble
  4. SebaSphere

    Anyone have any ideas for any Unique GC centered minigame

    I own A Galacticraft 4 Server and I'm thinking of creating some minigames on it. Anyone have any ideas on something possible in GC4 but not possible or hard to do in vanilla Minecraft.
  5. SebaSphere

    1.11.2 Asteroids Server Crash

    Every Time a player on my sever decides to go to asteroids the server after a minute crashes. It doesn't matter if I stay stationary for sometime or start exploring. I'm only using galacticraft and a server side Worldedit mod. Server Page is right here...