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    Into the unknown

    It would be great to see more things outside the milky way galaxy like new galaxies and more things Example: New planets like a diamond planet a doomed planet and many more
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    More generated structures in planets and satellites (moons)

    Now once you reach the moon you can encounter villages and dungeons but nothing else The reason I made this thread is because I suggest that more structures should be generated such as strange buildings, ruins etc. Also your only goal for now is raiding dungeons for the schematic but that's...
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    Space Builder

    So I watched something Natgeo about astronauts in the space station, and in one part of it I saw a floating ball, according to the astronauts it will soon be designed to repair things such broken solar panels then I thought that if their will be an astro miner there should a astro builder, the...
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    All recipes should be spawn in one book or manual

    I had this idea where like in other mods like for example for tinkers construct have a manual for beginners so when the players spawn in their world, they will spawn with a book The book will contain all the basic needs from recipes to building a moon base in the moon and other stuff
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    Suggestions for Future Updates

    I have a few ideas on Galacticraft 4 or 5 1-Tier 1 Solar Powered Rocket 2 3 2-Galactic Dimension- this dimension is the outside of the milky way Galactic Dimension Stuff Galaxies Space Pirates Abandoned ships Other worlds (planets) 3-extra large oxygen tank 4-Advance...
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    Improving rocket travel and others

    Hello, Im new but I have a suggestion on the rockets I think the rockets should be a multi-block structure that can support the other parts and there should be main parts for it to work The parts should also be minor parts of the rocket