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  1. IsoMS

    "Strongest Person in Minecraft"

    You need real muscle to do this, "Dont try this at home or in space"
  2. IsoMS

    *Release current content for 1.5*

    This got me thinkering around, since i am playing the VOLTZ modpack from Technic with my friend. the modpack includes an 1.5 version of Galacticraft, so i was thinking if it was possible to release an version of galacticraft with the new content we have now. so the VOLTZ pack can update and...
  3. IsoMS

    *Extra Sealable Blocks*

    As the title says, add in more sealable blocks, this would make it so people can customize their base with any block they want. (E.G.: Sealable Iron Block, Sealable Obsidian Block, Sealable ETC)
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    warning!! *This may contain spoilers for the next update* Suggestion: have O2 mask provide air underwater No milestone No one is assigned Well short story i found a way to drown on the moon. It would be nice to have the O2 system provide the player with air while underwater. that way you...
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    This is why i am feeling dumb right now..

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    How to build an easy and safe Airlock System(SSP-SMP Support)(UPDATED)

    UPDATED: I have deleted the old topic and made this new one because of the update that added the airlock controler. please dont judge me of the bad quality because i did not had much time to do all the picture and stuffs. 1_ you will need all stuff i have in my hotbar, (+ 1 lever, i forgot to...
  7. IsoMS

    Temperature Suit (For all planets with cold/hot. temperatures)

    As the title says when the other planets will be added you need to wear a special suit to survive on the planets: *E.G.1.*: When going to venus you will need to wear the Temperature Suit otherwise you will burn and have constant damage. *E.G.2.*: When going to a cold planet you will need the...
  8. IsoMS

    GalacticraftCore : any

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.4 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = Detailed Description = When i start my minecraft up its all normal but then the screen appears and it says GalacticraftCore : any please fix this! Full Forge Log =
  9. IsoMS

    *Messing Around with GC 2.0 BETA*

    Feel free to post your pictures of you messin around with GC 2.0 ill be the first... "THROWABLE METEORS" "THIS BLOCK IS ON FIIIIRREE!!!!
  10. IsoMS

    *No Wrench in newest GC version*

    When i open my minecraft and i enter the world, the first thing i notice is that there is no wrench anymore, so i am forced to break the block and place it until i get it the right way..
  11. IsoMS

    *Need help, Cant find silver ingot, where can i find it?*

    ima using IC2 and i thought the silver ingot was whit IC2 mod but i cant seem to find it, can anyone tell me where i can maybe find it? And here..
  12. IsoMS

    *Post your GC flag here* (FLAG TIME)

    FIRST! Its now your turn guys.. (Full Images please)
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    *Help With Launch Controller*

    in the latest build of the mod the launch controller was implemented, but i cant seem to discover how to use it when placed next of a launch pad platform... does anyone know hot it works? Here was i trying it out..
  14. IsoMS

    "Earth Evil Twin(Venus) And "The Planets in our SS"

    I just wanted to show you guys some interesting videos i found, Take ur popcorn. Please reply.
  15. IsoMS

    Dont ask goddammit!

    i dont understand why some people are continuously asking for mars and stuff, HE IS WORKING ON IT. but everytime someone is asking he stops. SO FOR GOD SAKE DONT ASK IF U STILL WANT TO SEE MARS. i like trains...
  16. IsoMS

    BUILDCRAFT FOR 1.6.2!!!!!!

    After lots of internet research i finally found th ejenkins page with file to buildcraft Jenkins. finally you can play buildcraft with the newest galacticraft build! Enjoy!
  17. IsoMS


    Dear Micdoodle, my suggestion is it make it able to random get lost in space. an random content that let you get lost in space, you will get a message that says: *YOU WERE LOST IN SPACE!* then you have to press continiue and you have to fly with your rocket to the nearest planet by yourself...
  18. IsoMS

    Some awsome suggestions

    Dear micdoodle, a good suggestion would include meteorites and asteroids with different sizes. and then you have two new items in galacticraft adden like astroids radar, like the ICBM radar system: you can change the alarm zone and the safe zone, and when an asteroid or meteorite enters...
  19. IsoMS

    poll: Do u Like the Solar Panels?

    just some days ago solar panels were introduced in galacticraft. this openend a way for a ultimate power source, but what do you think about it? Join the Poll!! say in the comments what you think about it!!
  20. IsoMS

    Making progress on the moon(Screenshots)

    just showing screenshots of me making progress on the moon. ENJOY!