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    Galacticraft wiki Account Bug

    When i try to create account in Gc wiki it doesnt work i try from ios , android even nokia but i can create account after completing account info like user and password i go to white blank page i waited seconds , minutes and hours but it didnt work , this bug is from 1 and half months , i know...
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    Titan: Saturn Moon

    Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. It is the only natural satellite known to have a dense atmosphere, and the only object other than Earth for which clear evidence of stable bodies of surface liquid has been found. Surface features : Surface : The surface of Titan has been described as...
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    Galacticraft 3 Mob: Worm

    I don't know if there is mob planned for this update ( but as I heard there is no boss :( ) Asteroids Worm : Also known as Giant Worm , in GC first days there was worm and we know that A Giant Worm is a large orange mob found in Galacticraft. It does not spawn naturally but can be obtained in...
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    Galacticraft ( Future , Death ) in the hands of Microsoft 2

    In Part 1 I tell how small things from Microsoft can change the entire thing ( galacticraft ) In part 2 I will tell how can micdoodle8 can use that change for something better GC in Phones ? Many of you think it's impossible , but it's not there is over 200 mod in MCPE and there is some PC...
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    Galacticraft ( Future , Death ) in the hands of Microsoft

    Now! I think all of you heard that Microsoft bought Mojang , and I have many points to tell in this thread Galacticraft Future I think some codes will change that will change many main things in Minecraft , and only the best coders will be able to create mods , so is micdoodle8 , from them ...
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    How to Stop Galacticraft Forum Notifications in E-mail ?

    Hi I was wandering how I could stop GC Forum New posts in my email , because it's little annoying.:p And also if there is noway can I change User Email. Here what I mean Thanks for watching:D
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    Better & Useful Galacticraft Mobs!

    This Topic will be about Galacticraft Current Mobs & Bosses ( Alien Villager , Slimeling , Sludgeling , Evolved Skeleton Boss , Evolved Creeper Boss ) Alien Villager : Alien Villager are totally useless ( Cant trade with it , cant speak , don't drop anything ) this list of what i think should...
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    Mars Better Caves

    Hi Guys ( This idea Is From Minecraft 1.8 Version ) in minecraft 1.8 snapshots they add new kind of stones and it now look amazing But What About Mars Why Don't We Upgrade With Minecraft Versions This idea Would Be Cool in Galacticraft 4 ( 1.8 ) ( Sorry if Textures is :confused: Because...
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    thanks Radfast

    Hi when i download galacticraft from Jenkins , WoW i found many fixed bugs & things that was Necessary to be added. Moon Villages : 1. no more torches also inside houses And thats 1 of all of this (Note : all of this bugs are listed by @Ezer'Arch The moderator , thank you so much ) Ore...
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    How To Play GC3 From Github

    hi everybody i need help :) do anybody know how to play GC3 from github because i wanna test it and find bugs and i also may solve some bugs ( im good coder ) can any one tell me i will be thankful bye
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    Mars amazing Photo

    Some amazing photos that I want to share with you I hope you enjoy Thanks for watching
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    Deimos: Moon of Mars

    Deimos Deimos is the smaller and outermore of the two natural satellites of the planet Mars Surface : Deimos surface is like Super flat world with some craters and it have to colors Brown and Grey. The gravity on Deimos is 0.003 and your jumps will be amazing , you will be like superman. You...
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    want to learn java and become a minecraft coder ?

    Hi minecrafters I want to share with you how I become a minecraft coder and texture Thanks to micdoodle8 it's all because him , it's all because the legendary coder It's all from here :
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    3D Moon

    It's great idea that moon have 3d look from earth See moon how it's great See moon also
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    Galacticraft 3 Review ( Soon )

    Hi Guys & Welcome to Galacticraft 3 (Everything you need to know about the next update ) ( This Topic will contain info about next update that will contain New Dimension , 1.7 Update , Space Race & Many More.. ) General : 1.7 Update In galacticraft 3 ( 1.7 ) will be supported , as micdoodle8...
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    See you Soon Guys

    like what the title say if your asking why because now im sleeping early i dont have time to go this forum and because micdoodle8 didnt give any update about GC3 so thats why bye to my Friends
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    5 things you dont know about Galacticraft

    1. Evolved Zombies & Skeletons can be waring armors but invisible 2. Evolved Creepers can be charged by lightning 3.theres spider jockey on the moon but spider will spawn with normal skeleton that die on 1 min 4.if your playing multiplayer galacticraft you can invite your friend and kick him...
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    i was trying to make something :) we know when we launch rocket from overworld you see the planet i try to texture it to mars and here the result i think its because overworld was HD but mars is not so i fail
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    hi guys im really tired from serching for dungeons do any one know how to find dungeons because im in survival and its sucks because i almost go around the planet :)
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    Galacticraft 3 ( Hints )

    HI GUYS today i see micdoodle twitter and posts here some hints (Planets) 1.Europa Here a image that he post and its the biggest hint Europa Will be 95% will be Added and we can see water vapor so i think its 65% will be added also huge Jupiter it will b added 99% 2.Titan i think its...