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  1. radfast

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Galacticraft for Minecraft 1.12.2 now released

    Available from the download site from today. Currently known issues: Shift-clicking items into NASA workbench slots slow to update visually
  2. radfast

    New build 118 released - ForgeEnergy compatibility and some bugfixes

    There haven't been any new builds in August/September due to summer vacations and other reasons. A new build 118 is now available to download from the usual download site Build 118 has a few bugfixes, including solving a nasty 'constantly crashing' issue with some saved worlds with Hoppers...
  3. radfast

    Nostalgia ... here's what was possible in Minecraft 1.5.2

    From 3 years ago here is a video made by players on the Voltz server I used to admin. It shows a very large space station with self-sufficient production of most things! Maybe not obvious from the video but what's impressive is: * that base is built in survival mode, on a server with full PVP...
  4. radfast

    Seeking your opinions about Zero-G movement

    If you've been testing Galacticraft 4 (or even the latest versions of Galacticraft 3), you probably noticed the updated Zero-G movement in Space Stations. It's intended that there is Zero-G movement in Space Stations, to give a feeling of "floating around" in space - like in the movie Gravity...
  5. radfast

    Which mods currently have Radiation effects or Hazmat suits?

    Atomic Science, one of the main mods in the Voltz modpack, had Radiation effects and Hazmat suits. Please can I have some suggestions for other mods with this feature currently? I don't see it in Big Reactors for example, doesn't look like...
  6. radfast

    REQUEST FOR HELP: Who wants to try out 'Asteroids Survival' (like SkyBlock)?

    Hi guys, as you know I haven't been active on the forum recently, but Galacticraft development is continuing. As well as a mass of recent stability improvements and bugfixes, the latest version (currently has some new recipes designed to allow for a new game mode, Asteroids...
  7. radfast

    Any Thaumcraft players here? Your views needed...

    I've had a request to include Thaumcraft aspects for Galacticraft items. I'm not a Thaumcraft player myself, but I understand the concept that all / most vanilla items have one or more out of Thaumcrafts 40+ aspects, so that if you throw the items into a crucible, you can make up a mixture of...
  8. radfast

    Compatibility with Minecraft Comes Alive?

    Has anyone had any compatibility issues between Galacticraft and Minecraft Comes Alive? (Someone on PlanetMinecraft reporting a crash at the player inventory screen, but doesn't give much info and I can't reproduce it.)
  9. radfast

    Proud to announce: Preview of the Astro Miner

    Galacticraft 3 will include as an Asteroid "Treasure" item, a schematic for an awesome new machine/vehicle, the Astro Miner (I forgot to say: you really need to view it in the dark.) It's an automatic mining vehicle which moves around, making tunnels and mining up everything it finds, and...
  10. radfast

    Pros and cons of playing on a server

    It's great to see people announcing servers here. It's disheartening to see how little response they receive (in most cases). A lot of work goes into setting up a decent, stable server. Personally, I really like playing on servers. Pros * Playing the game with other people makes the...
  11. radfast

    Anyone using MultiMC launcher with Galacticraft?

    A little help may be needed, please see here: It seems to be not loading MicdoodleCore for that guy, I don't know why?
  12. radfast

    Has anyone tried Stellarium mod?

    I noticed a mod I've not heard of before, Stellarium by Abastro. Apparently it adds solar and lunar eclipses and other cool stuff. If anyone has tried it in conjunction with Galacticraft, please report how you got on...
  13. radfast

    Galacticraft 3 is officially stable - no longer a "BETA"!

    We are proud to announce that as of stable version 3.0.6 which was released earlier today, Galacticraft 3 has moved on from its BETA testing period. Thank you so much to everyone who had the courage and patience to help us with the BETA builds. After downloading version 3.0.6 you will need to...
  14. radfast

    Known incompatibilities and cross-mod issues [1.7.10 and 1.7.2]

    The information from this thread has been moved to the Wiki for easier maintenance: Please note there is an issue with DragonAPI 1.7.10 V1 and Galacticraft. Instructions to fix it yourself are on the wiki. I have contacted the DragonAPI author and...
  15. radfast

    Galacticraft in 'hard mode' modpacks - discussion

    I know some people like to play Minecraft in hard modpacks. Apart from the mobs being tougher, usually either extra materials are needed for each machine component, or there are items which can't be made at all until the player has advanced a long way. For example, in the challenging End of...
  16. radfast

    News: Galacticraft 3 beta works for both 1.7.2 and 1.7.10

    In case people didn't spot micdoodle8's tweet today. Thanks to some awesome coding overnight by micdoodle8, the same download (which is now called Galacticraft-beta-1.7- - notice how that's 1.7 not 1.7.2) will now work for either version 1.7.2 or 1.7.10...
  17. radfast

    Want to translate GalactiCraft? Check this out!

    It will be really great if players are willing to help out by updating language files for GC3. You would need to do this: 1) Look in all four of the language folders for the different parts of GC3, which are Core, Moon, Mars and Asteroids...
  18. radfast

    Known incompatibilities and cross-mod issues [1.6.4]

    This is my current list of known incompatibilities for Galacticraft 2.0.14. I may update this first post from time to time. Issues which players can fix: =================== DragonAPI (older versions) - fixable as explained here...
  19. radfast

    Question for you Witchery players

    In the Witchery mod, the player needs to sleep to be able to dream (also to enter the Spirit World). Has anyone tried using the Galacticraft Cryogenic Chamber to get to sleep for Witchery purposes? If so, what happened? This could be specially interesting on servers (for example Attack of the...
  20. radfast

    Galacticraft space station dimensions - a thread for server admins

    Recent Galacticraft versions (since 1001) offer server admins the option to set some "static dimensions" in the config. This is intended to help with some of the tougher-to-solve dimension issues with other mods and Bukkit plugins. So, by default, space stations are dynamically loaded...