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    New Compressor Recipes

    Could there be compressor recipes that take the product that an ore give you (like coal or diamond, but not gold ore or gold) and cobblestone, moon rock, martian cobblestone or any other rock from a planet where ores are and "put the ores into the rock"? Like this: desh + martian cobblestone...
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    Power instead of storage for galacticraft vehicles

    Could there be a variant of the cargo rocket and buggies that instead of having an inventory, they have power storage? This would, for me, be great when I go to the asteroids or to mars. I was thinking that for the crafting recipe, either a energy storage module or storage cluster could go...
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    More uses for copper

    Every galacticraft game I have made, I always have one problem. I have too much copper. There are barely any uses for copper and it is the easiest recourse to find (except coal). Could there please be some recipe changes to use more copper?
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    Problem updating galacticraft

    I updated galacticraft to the newest version, 168, and when I go to any dungeon, the tier chest contains nothing. How do I properly update galacticraft? Thank you, Srsam
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    Possible bug with batteries

    I have just created another new world in 11.2 with the newest galacticraft version and there are two ‘problems’. For empty batteries, you can stack them, but if you put the stack into an advanced solar panel, it charges all four at the same time using the same amount of power it takes to charge...
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    Trying to script the developers download of Galactrifcaft

    Hello, I am a newbie mod developer and I was trying to figure out how to code in some addons I was thinking of. Can anyone help me? Thank you, Srsam
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    Editing the wiki

    How can you edit the wiki, it is very incomplete with Venus. Could people help or is it just for developers?
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    GC on curse

    Could someone (or me) post GC on curse MAKING SURE YOU GET ALL THE CREDIT? Is that permissible? Thank you, Srsam
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    Is it possible to have some 'debris' with the crashed probes or mabye have some probes that burned up in the atmosphere and all that is left is debris? Maybe could there be some automated lunar rovers for you to find on the moon and mars with treasure inside? Could you have the dungeons...
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    All Village improvement and game play

    Is it possible that the trees on the moon just have no leaves (like from the harsh climate) or have the leaves start to disappear after the tree has grown (like when you mine all the wood from a tree)? Could there maybe be a RARE chance (2%-10%) they have one of the 'special' blocks in their...
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    Ore spawning

    In vanilla Minecraft, if you chose the custom world option, you can change how mush ore is in the world, the size of the ore spawn, ect. Could GC have (about) the same spawning idea in one of the configuration options? It would be (more) helpful to those who just want to just get off of Earth...
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    Adventure mode

    I have been trying to have adventure mode work for sometime now. I know you have to enable some things in 'Micdoodle 8 Core' but is there anything else I need to do?