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  1. micdoodle8

    Forum Updated!

    The forum has been updated. If you're experiencing any issues please let me know in this thread. Mention me on twitter if you're having issues with account creation or posting!
  2. micdoodle8

    Galacticraft 1.8.9/1.10.2/1.11.2 release!

    UPDATE: Galacticraft 4 has now been released. Latest build 109 is stable - June 20, 2017. You can download the Galacticraft mod - for Minecraft 1.11.2, 1.10.2 and 1.8.9 - from the official download site. Make sure to remove old versions of Galacticraft from your /mods folder, if updating...
  3. micdoodle8

    Check out the new & improved forum!

    Hey guys, quick update. Simply put, the forum was not in great shape prior to the latest update. Spam was a major problem, email errors prevented new members from registering, and most of the addons and the styles were outdated. Luckily, this all appears to be fixed with some elbow grease and...
  4. micdoodle8

    Galacticraft 3 Release Notes

    Downloads: Big thanks to @radfast for writing the release notes (and all the work he's put into developing GC3)! GALACTICRAFT 3 RELEASE NOTES ============================ GC3 is for Minecraft 1.7.2 with Forge version or later...
  5. micdoodle8

    Oxygen Sealer Feedback

    Hey everyone, I've made this thread with the goal of finding out how Oxygen Sealers are working in the latest build. I've rewritten almost all of the sealer code between 2.0.5 and 2.0.6, and increased the amount of blocks you can seal with it, also eliminated some crashes by running sealer...
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    ⚠ Important Reporting a Bug/Asking for Help? Click Here First!

    Good day, This is a forum for general support and questions such as "How do I planet trees on the moon?".. not "Minecraft Crashed... HELP!" threads. Please create your threads accordingly or they will be moved by a moderator/admin. If you would like to ask for help you need to do the...
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    ⚠ Important Setting up Galacticraft for Minecraft 1.6.X

    I have noticed some people don't seem to know how to read the instructions right above the download, so here's a video tutorial...
  8. micdoodle8

    ⚠ Important A Note About the API and Link to Source

    A note about the API Link to source code Link to API source Link to License EDIT: (2014/05/01) Broken links fixed! -- Ezer'Arch
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    ⚠ Important What should go in Support, and what should be posted in Bugs

    This is a forum for general support and questions such as "How do I planet trees on the moon?".. not "Minecraft Crashed... HELP!" threads. Please move/create your threads accordingly or they will be moved by a moderator/admin. EDIT by Ezer'Arch: merged with...
  10. micdoodle8

    Optifine update, test required!

    Just tested GC 0.1.27 with the final 1.5.1 Optifine, with no problems. Can someone who was having problems before test the new version with the latest Forge please? Thanks.
  11. micdoodle8

    ⚠ Important Frequently Submitted Bugs

    Can't see some items/blocks Fix: This is a known problem in caused by Optifine. Galacticraft Inventory not opening, spaceships not being created Fix: Make sure Galacticraft is in the coremods folder.
  12. micdoodle8

    Current State of the Mod - About Suggestions

    Hello, I just wanted everyone here to know this, so you didn't think I was completely ignoring your suggestions. Right now I am working on updating to 1.5 (will probably be long done by the time you read this), improving compatibility with Universal Electricity for the upcoming addition to...
  13. micdoodle8

    ⚠ Important FSB: y u no add more planets, Yogscast had more planets!!11!!

    Ridgedog of the Yogscast had been in contact with me before the mod was released. The Yogscast was using a beta build that is not yet ready for public release. I will be releasing more planets when I feel it is ready. (has enough content, has few enough bugs) If you want to contribute, you...
  14. micdoodle8

    ⚠ Important How to Report a Bug - READ BEFORE POSTING

    Please include the following information in your bug report: Your game type (Server or Client): Your Galacticraft Version: Minecraft Version: Minecraft Forge Version: Any other installed mods: Error Report (if applicable): The game mode the bug occured in: (SSP/Survival Single Player...