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  1. Hypermegazord

    Space Station Won't Generate

    Why You Capitalize Every First Letter Of A Word?
  2. Hypermegazord

    Oxygen gear doesn't work underwater?

    Nice idea, how did I didnt think about it!
  3. Hypermegazord

    beta builds

    Stefan, can you write English now, please? :\
  4. Hypermegazord

    Custom Main menu using new Menu API

    Yeah, he API looks awesome, but I think now, Galacticraft dont need it.
  5. Hypermegazord

    [24/7] [No Lag] [PVP] Ionic War Modpack Server

    I think the only solution for it is a new map, when I had a vanilla server I told my host that the server keeps crashing, and it was chunk problems. They said the only fix is to reset map...
  6. Hypermegazord

    How do I activate the parachute

    It only activates when you travel to other planets. You need to put it on your Galacticraft inventory (default key to open it is R), and when you travel to another planet, to Moon, or Space Station, it auto activates. You cant activate it in another way. :(
  7. Hypermegazord

    [24/7] [No Lag] [PVP] Ionic War Modpack Server

    The server keeps going down... You know what's up flash? :s
  8. Hypermegazord

    TheirOwn's Beginners Guide to Galacticraft

    Way much better than mine (which is a lot desorganized!). Nice work, hope you keep updating it! :)
  9. Hypermegazord

    1 planet?
  10. Hypermegazord

    Galacticraft - The full guide!

    I dont understand much about Airlock frames too. I will work and investigate about it, and I will update it when I have sufficient information. :)
  11. Hypermegazord

    How would I go about starting to program an addon?

    No, hes dont. Just stop asking for it, and wait for it!
  12. Hypermegazord

    Bug I found
  13. Hypermegazord

    Galacticraft - The full guide!

    Thanks, fixed it! :D
  14. Hypermegazord

    Galacticraft - The full guide!

    Thanks, I will work on it on weekend. :)
  15. Hypermegazord

    Flying Launch Pad?

    I think Optifine is causing it. Try without it...
  16. Hypermegazord

    latest build 1.31.14 not loading
  17. Hypermegazord

    Rocket Gui Bug

    It's because of TMI, use NEI instead.
  18. Hypermegazord

    crash on startup

    What version of Forge you have? Have any other mods installed?
  19. Hypermegazord

    Random crashing of minecraft with mod

    You cant avoid that right now, just wait Galacticraft to update. Just try to work with the oxygen system as less as you can.
  20. Hypermegazord

    Random crashing of minecraft with mod

    Yeah, it's because of the oxygen system. It's causing lots of issues, mic said it maybe will be fixed on a0.1.30.