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  1. SnailsAttack

    [Mega Thread] Reimagined Base-Building

    In my opinion, building space stations, lunar outposts, and huge martian research facilities is one of the coolest things you can do in Galacticraft, especially with the simple and well-designed base sealing system. However, I feel as though it could be expanded upon to be much more fun and...
  2. SnailsAttack

    Config for making any dimension airless

    I think that there should be a config which allows you to enter in any dimension ID, causing it to become airless. There could additionally be a config to make a dimension require a thermal suit. This would be useful for, say, making the Starmine geospace dimension airless.
  3. SnailsAttack

    Add-On Gravity Boots not working with new Zero-Grav Physics

    The new zero-gravity physics that seem to have been implemented in some newer update have completely broken all gravity-enabling items and blocks from other mods. Can you perhaps add a config option to disable the new physics? Thank you.
  4. SnailsAttack

    My take on how Artificial Gravity could work.

    I'm not going to put in any super-specific details on HOW it would actually work, just my concepts for it. First off, there should be a new ore called "Gravitite". It would spawn rarely within the cores of asteroids, making up about 10% of the inner material. When mined, it would drop a...