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    how can I help fill up the wiki

    I am dedicated and will help fill up the wiki if I can but I can't figure out how to do it please help
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    no oxygen detector

    ok so I was thinking it would be really cool if you could have a block that emits a redstone signal (ik more people have mentioned this I figured it out) just have a torch next to a day light sensor and when there is not oxygen the torch decrees its light level.
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    ik im not smart

    but how the heck do you get oxygen sealers to work.
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    ok so I know this has been talked about in alot of areas but I think I have found a solution for every one. Ok so what I would like to implement is to have space be a actual dimension but not with the planets in them the planets could have little icons and when you got close enough to that...
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    how do you get o2 in a building

    ok I have tried this and I can't figure it out how do you get to have 02 not in bubble cause I heard (from flash) that it is implemented know (I think) so cause I miss really blatant things and I cant figure it out please help me.
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    I have a hunch

    ok so with the new update does anyone feal like having 02 not be in bubbles and fills the area. cuase it looks like all of the building blocks are in place and there is strong community support for this change...I have not checked the java code which I can't. but I think it will be very soon.
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    Is this supposed to happen or am I smrt

    ok so I have had this happen many time I have a very nice base on the moon with a tree farm and the leaves keep disappearing even on the tree's I don't mess with the wood from the trees or anything they after a while just disrepair
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    should the planets have more rewards or be challenging

    I think that the planets should have some rare ore on them like diamonds but are more common on some planets but on other's it could be a different ore im not sure what kind of ore but some kind. or there could be like super rare spawn's which is like a giant moon cyclops or something and it'll...
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    planets so many which one do you chose

    Ok so I see alot of potential in this mod and would like to help it (ill try whether or not it'll be help well that no my problem). I think that there should be tons of planets and such with all different types like there is in the videos of the mod but there is one type of planet that was not...
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    Random crashing of minecraft with mod

    I love this mod (when it works but it isn't right know) I am playing in Csp galaticraft Alpha-0.1.27 is the version I use and my forge version is I also use Minecraft coder pack, and forge mod loader. I also get this error report at...