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    Other Mod Ore Gen Asteroid Belt?

    # If this is enabled, other mods' ores and all other features (eg. plants) can generate on the Moon and planets. B:"Generate other mods features on planets"=true # Enter IDs of other mods' ores here for Galacticraft to generate them on the Moon and other planets. Format is BlockName or...
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    Energy Beam Reflector Splitter

    Title says it all. A block to split a beam to 2-3 receivers/reflectors would be very useful.
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    Merge the cargo loaders

    Just a thought, maybe it'd be better to have a single block for this instead of two separate blocks performing essentially the same function.
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    Vertical Thrusters

    Bit more variety in our rotation options would be awesome.
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    Asteroid Space Station

    I did not create this but I'd say it's easily the most awesome space station ever so I thought I'd share it here
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    Oribital Sun

    I wasn't happy with it so I changed it a bit. I think it's better.
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    Solar Storms On Moon and Space Station

    On rare occasions the sun will send a blast of radiation your way. Add a block called Solar Sensor. This block must be in view of the sun to function, same way the solar panels work. If a solar storm is on its way it will play a sound with a 64(?) block range(you'd need the frequency module to...
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    Solar Panel Asteroid Belt?

    Do solar panels not work in the asteroid belt? Or is there just some asteroid blocking the way somewhere off in the distance? If it doesn't work in asteroid belt, I think it should work but at like 25% production.
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    How Do I Put Coal In The Methane Syn.?

    Is this feature not complete? It won't accept any items in the slot below the carbon tank, and the one above it isn't doing anything either.
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    Sealed Room Temperature Control

    Just a thought for later on when there's more environments with varying temperatures. Give oxygen sealers(maybe the bubble distributors too) internal fluid tanks. For cold environments lava can be piped in to the sealer to warm it up, and for hot environments water can be piped in to cool things...
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    EnderIO Gas Conduit Compatibility

    Recently EnderIO developer CrazyPants used Mekanism API to make EnderIO gas conduits. Galacticraft machines do connect to and accept oxygen from these conduits, but for some reason they're not accepting it at a sustainable rate. If possible, could something be done on GC's end to improve this? I...
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    1.7.10 External Sealable IDs

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I don't fully understand how this works now. I'm so used to just putting in numbers that NEI tells me and it working but now I'm not sure how to find the ID of a block I need to seal. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. J

    Grapple Changes

    Just some thoughts on how to make the grapple work better. Have it launch immediately whether you hold right click or just click, but if you hold right click you can use the mouse wheel to reel yourself in or release some more slack, and will not release you until you release the right click...
  14. J

    Frigate Orpheon

    At first I was gonna build a Death Star but decided that horse is beaten, dead and rotting in the field at this point, so I'm gonna do something that, as far as I can tell, hasn't been done before. Still work in progress obviously, but suggestions and criticism welcome while I continue...
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    Sealable Golden Buildcraft Pipes?

    Any chance of getting some sealable golden fluid/transport buildcraft pipes?
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    Concurrent Modification Exception?

    I couldn't make heads or tails of this server crash. Here's the server log Any help? :(
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    Sealable TE3 Ducts and Conduits

    Sealable Heavy Aluminum Blocks work "okay" for Conduits but doesn't use the same type of power and doesn't transmit as much either. Using Sealable Waterproof Pipes works "okay" for the fluiducts but you have the same issue of speed and can also cause minor issues. TE3 Itemducts don't connect...
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    Herblore Hookah's Don't Work In Sealed Rooms.

    Herblore mod for 1.6.4 has a block called Hookah. When you have a ground toke bud in your inventory and use flint and steel on the block, it uses the ground toke bud. You can then click the block again without the flint and steel to get a high status effect. Hookah's however do not appear to...
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    GC3 & Better World Generation?

    Is there any chance GC3 will work with BWG? I missed out on using the two together in 1.6.4, would be nice to be able to take off in a rocket from the sky dimension and be able to get back in 1.7.2...
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    Torch Turns Into White Fence In Space Station

    While I'm in my space station dimension normal torches placed in a certain slot in the hot bar turn into a white fence from crayfish's furniture mod. I'm using Galacticraft-1.6.4-, Galacticraft-Planets-1.6.4-, and MicdoodleCore-1.6.4- Sometimes when I put...