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  1. Cydhead7

    New Things In Galacticraft Tweaker

    I feel like somethings are heavily missing in Galacticraft Tweaker, when I was testing how the dungeon loot worked, I realized that it ONLY modified the treasure chest's loot even though I was expecting it to effect the loot from the other NON-boss dungeon rooms. MJRLegneds, if you see this...
  2. Cydhead7

    Extra Planets and Gaalcticraft Tweaker Combined Features

    So I've been reading on the Galactictic Tweaker wiki or atleast I think that's what it's called and I have a question. What are the dungeon tiers for Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and so on so forth? Please add that on to the wiki since I think it could be helpful not just to me myself but to other...