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  1. J

    Add the Starminer mod to Galacticraft

    I've been wondering about that thread. Would really like to see that happen, but we haven't heard anything mentioned since my last post.
  2. J

    Other Mod Ore Gen Asteroid Belt?

    # If this is enabled, other mods' ores and all other features (eg. plants) can generate on the Moon and planets. B:"Generate other mods features on planets"=true # Enter IDs of other mods' ores here for Galacticraft to generate them on the Moon and other planets. Format is BlockName or...
  3. J

    Energy Beam Reflector Splitter

    Title says it all. A block to split a beam to 2-3 receivers/reflectors would be very useful.
  4. J

    Merge the cargo loaders

    Just a thought, maybe it'd be better to have a single block for this instead of two separate blocks performing essentially the same function.
  5. J

    Air-lock door pane could get its own texture

    Personally it think it should have connected textures and different blocks for side, bottom, top etc etc so that a really cool looking air lock hatch can be made at any size, instead of this repeated texture. More than that, I don't like how the Air lock, which is supposedly metal, just up and...
  6. J

    Asteroid question

    As I believe I've mentioned to you before, the issue with turning your view radius down is that it causes the sun to disappear entirely, which I'm pretty sure is not normal behavior.
  7. J

    Artificial gravity for your land base

    Sure thing. Keep us posted, if you guys decide you want to add in gravity generators there are some other ways it can be done, without the use of magnets.
  8. J

    Artificial gravity for your land base

    A multi-block structure would probably make more sense, but if micdoodle and radfast decide to roll with this idea, it's ultimately up to them how to get the job done.
  9. J

    Artificial gravity for your land base

    I don't think there is another solution to making sideways gravity, but I do have a way a gravity generator could work. Here's a snippet from the wikipedia article So the technology to create an effect similar to gravity is already there just at a much smaller scale. It is a repellent force...
  10. J

    Resource Pack [WIP][128x] Sphax PureBDCraft Patch for Galacticraft Just letting you all know, they finally got it! It look's pretty good.
  11. J

    Martian Biomes

    Let's not forget wind erosion.
  12. J

    Vertical Thrusters

    I wasn't thinking about gravity when I suggested this, I just want to look up when I'm walking in my space station and see the overworld above me moving across the sky.
  13. J

    Vertical Thrusters

    Bit more variety in our rotation options would be awesome.
  14. J

    All of my GC bases

    Download! All your base are belong to me.
  15. J

    Rename "Solar Energy Boost" to "Sunlight Intensity"

    Or just use kW per square meter, which is the actual unit of measurement used for sunlight intensity, 1kW being the intensity at the surface of the Earth and 1.366 kW being the orbital intensity. Nasa actually already has a lot of values for these on other planets. Orbital solar intensity of...
  16. J

    Asteroid Space Station

    Just take the save file in MCedit, make a schematic and paste it into the asteroid dimension. Though I think it'd be better in space station dimension. Currently working on that right now. I MUST see this spinning.
  17. J

    GC3: Gravitation and Ladders.

    In the meantime guys I suggest using the Dynamic Transport mod for vertical movement in your space stations.
  18. J

    Infinite Oxygen Tank (Creative ONLY, like the Infinite Battery)

    NEI was able to find it, but the infinite oxygen item was nowhere to be found in the galacticraft tab.
  19. J

    Asteroid Space Station

    I did not create this but I'd say it's easily the most awesome space station ever so I thought I'd share it here
  20. J

    Oribital Sun There ya go!