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  1. Dex Luther

    Server Tick Loop when installing latest version of GC

    Installed the latest version of GC on a server and get this crash: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I'm sorry, Dave. Time: 2020-08-27 18:37:58 EDT Description: Exception in server tick loop java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: micdoodle8/mods/galacticraft/core/entities/player/GCEntityPlayerMP...
  2. Dex Luther


    I think a simplified (maybe) version of what they are imagining is a version of the airlock that when built would have two airlocks function as a complete multiblock structure with only one door opening at a time until the space between is either pressurized or depressurized.
  3. Dex Luther

    Oribital cannons

    I posted a suggestion similar to this long long long ago. My idea was mostly for mining and would have required building some kind of targeting block or machine at the target area. The way I originally envisioned it working was that you'd build the laser on your station, then go down to the...
  4. Dex Luther

    Transparent Airlock

    For the Airlocks?
  5. Dex Luther

    Overworld space simulator!

    In real life people haven't landed on mars either much less built a base there, so that should remove that from the list of mod features, right? That and removing the ability to fly to or land on any other planet because we haven't done that yet in real life, and we might never be able to. Oh...
  6. Dex Luther

    More config options

    I like this! Sometimes just listing ids that shouldn't be sealable would be a lot easier and make for a shorter list than listing the hundreds of blocks in a modpack that should be sealable.
  7. Dex Luther

    Transparent Airlock

    Yes please! Alternatively, just having a second type of airlock maybe a second tier one made of transparent aluminum would be cool. While on the subject, being able to 'cloak' the airlock frame would be cool too. Similarly to how Drawbridges from Tinker's Construct work...
  8. Dex Luther

    Space Station escape capsules/drop pods

    Haven't played Minecraft in a long wile, but was messing around in it the other day when I thought about this idea again. I figure I'd bump it again :P
  9. Dex Luther

    Telescopes and astronomy

    What about Drop-pods and giant orbital space mining lasers? :p
  10. Dex Luther

    Better Gravity System

    There used to be a mod that added grav-plating, which I used in most of my stations. I don't know if the mod has been updated or is now basically abandon-ware, which a lot of mods seem to become pretty quickly.
  11. Dex Luther

    Sound should be audible in air-filled ambients

    Could probably be done by looking at how the muffler works (I forget the mod name), reverse engineering it and inverting the way it works and implementing that into the bubble generators and sealers. You'd essentially have a muffler that affects whole dimensions with pockets of un-muffled space...
  12. Dex Luther

    Launch Controller: about "Launch when cargo is full"

    I assumed that was the case.
  13. Dex Luther

    Into the unknown

    I'm pretty sure it's always been a plan to add more solar systems and eventually galaxies. I think right now they are focused on getting one solar system done, which isn't an easy task. Especially when Minecraft keeps updating and changing things, which requires whole rewrites of mods sometimes.
  14. Dex Luther

    Pick a Breathable gas, now with homeworlds!

    If you don't want it, then you just wouldn't do it. The default would still be the same as everyone starts off with in Minecraft. Just like in Witchery you can turn into a Werewolf or Vampire. If you don't want to be a Werewolf or Vampire, you just don't go through the process required to...
  15. Dex Luther

    Pipedream: Space station dimension working as the Nether

    I was thinking more like retro-rockets. Rockets are cooler than parachutes. :D
  16. Dex Luther

    Hypothermia, Moon Module; You own HQ and a Space Suit

    Actually, the 'mars ball thingy' is smart and realistic. It's in the mod because it's how the Mars exploration rover was actually landed on mars in 2003. If they change the airbag system it should be for a sky-crane tpye lander system. Here's video of the launch and an artist's rendering of...
  17. Dex Luther

    Pipedream: Space station dimension working as the Nether

    I love the discussion going on in this thread. GC has a very very interesting future ahead. *cough* Drop pods? *cough* Sorry I have a terrible cold at the moment. :p
  18. Dex Luther

    Add more to inside the rocket

    During flight astronauts are strapped into their seats and don't walk around. Even if they weren't too busy trying not to die, the g-force applied to the body would probably make it uncomfortable/dangerous to walk around.
  19. Dex Luther

    Space Builder

    So basically a Computercraft Turtle?