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  1. Cydhead7

    Dimension Clock

    The regular minecraft clock can tell time on these planets, just saying incase you weren't aware of that.
  2. Cydhead7

    Biomes - Black sand dunes on Mars ?

    that is a wonderful idea, I wish they'd implement this in aswell, because really, right now, the only point in visiting these planets literally is to just get to the dungeons.
  3. Cydhead7

    tres 2b

    I don't know if you know this but Tres 2b is a gas giant so I don't know how they'd implement this dimension in. Also, if they're gonna be realistic on this too, this planet orbits super close to its star to where I highly doubt that it would have moons you could visit. Finally, they won't be...
  4. Cydhead7

    Please put galacticraft on curseforge

    wait, why not?
  5. Cydhead7

    Jupiter's gravity

    I did some digging, (via asmodeus core) It doesn't have the correct gravity. The value written in the code would be -0.13125 (I figured that out using star maker) to be displayed as 240% in the asmod panal.
  6. Cydhead7

    Marker on Planet Selection Screen

    Asmodeus core does this, but I think it is an overall good idea since asmodeus core isn't compatible with the Extraplanets panel which could be more useful in certain ways.
  7. Cydhead7

    Put Jupiter's moons in orbit around it

    is that the reason why these moons have the same texture in Extra Planets and GalaxySpace?
  8. Cydhead7

    List of Features I want.

    They aren't gonna add new rockets tier though... I think there is a might be a chance where they might add Mercury and Ceres as tier 3 planets/dwarf planets but I think that is the maximum.
  9. Cydhead7


    Doesn't the mod star maker do this, then again to be fair, it does have limitations.
  10. Cydhead7


    If they add Mercury, I think they'll probably make it tier 3 since it is already tier 3 in Galaxyspace and Extra planets.
  11. Cydhead7

    Oxygen required for plants

    Don't plants need CO2 to live? I saw the Galacticraft additions on the JEI panal btw and they have a CO2 gas listed there.
  12. Cydhead7

    Allow /ONLYVENUS as a config modifier for generating other mods ores within the Galacticraft Core config file

    That is such a good idea, why hasn't anyone noticed this post before?
  13. Cydhead7

    Extra Planets and Gaalcticraft Tweaker Combined Features

    Actually nvm I figured it out myself and for anyone who needs this information, here it is: 4 - Mercury 5 - Jupiter 6 - Saturn 7 - Uranus 8 - Neptune 9 - Pluto 10 - Eris Now all I need is the dungeon tiers for planets from MorePlanets and GalaxySpace but that's just a whole other story.
  14. Cydhead7

    New Things In Galacticraft Tweaker

    I feel like somethings are heavily missing in Galacticraft Tweaker, when I was testing how the dungeon loot worked, I realized that it ONLY modified the treasure chest's loot even though I was expecting it to effect the loot from the other NON-boss dungeon rooms. MJRLegneds, if you see this...
  15. Cydhead7

    also Can weather be added in for Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, and Neptune? Can you add the...

    also Can weather be added in for Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, and Neptune? Can you add the mobs to Kepler 22b? Can the gravity of the moons be something different than their host planets they orbit? Can there be a config feature that allows me to disable realistic sky provider for each world...
  16. Cydhead7

    So I was wondering, can the gravity value in the galactic hud or something be displayed in...

    So I was wondering, can the gravity value in the galactic hud or something be displayed in something that is NOT what it is in the code? Because I have to literally use an equation to convert that into a value I could read.
  17. Cydhead7

    Addon [1.12.2] Zollern Galaxy v2

    I have several questions about it, especially since I've tried this mod out. 1. Can you please fix the ocean generation, its really weird how the oceans of each planet has a flat bottom and the transition between it and land is just a huge cliff. 2. Is it possible for you guys to add custom star...
  18. Cydhead7

    Extra Planets and Gaalcticraft Tweaker Combined Features

    So I've been reading on the Galactictic Tweaker wiki or atleast I think that's what it's called and I have a question. What are the dungeon tiers for Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and so on so forth? Please add that on to the wiki since I think it could be helpful not just to me myself but to other...