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  1. ROMVoid

    I would like you to add exoplanets from the nearest to the farthest, all satellites of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto and other dwarf planets that have them

    @SetaCraft Added By GalaxySpace Proxima Centauri, Barnard's star, Enceladus, Miranda, Haumea, Alfa(*Alpha) Centauri B, Tau Ceti system, Added By Exoplanets Trappist 1, Yz Ceti, Wolf 1061 The rest i'd just advise that you write an addon to implement, that is an absolute mega-tone of...
  2. ROMVoid

    Request your content creator badge

  3. ROMVoid

    Addon [1.12.2] Interstellar - Exoplanets (

    Interstellar: Exoplanets | UPDATE Verson: Download THIS VERSION IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH PREVIOUS WORLD SAVES Note From Dev: "To be honest, i'm not to happy with this development build. My time available to develop the mod has been very slim with having to work extra time to keep up...
  4. ROMVoid

    Problem Energy Storage Cluster

    make sure that the wire is going into the side of the energy cluster/module that has a green connection, Green = Input Red = output
  5. ROMVoid

    My game is lagging like crazy whenever I look at what I built

    if your using optifine, which i avoid to no end. What graphics card do you have and cpu. Reason why is while minecraft is very CPU heavy the use of optifine and shaders uses a gpu (if one is installed, if not then integrated graphics), the cpu will always become the bottleneck for anything...
  6. ROMVoid

    Overworld Space station not showing up

    so your playing with galacticraft only? no other mods? what minecraft version and mod version
  7. ROMVoid

    My game is lagging like crazy whenever I look at what I built

    many factors can create lag, but i can say for sure this mod alone should not - no matter what version (unless i missed something in 1.11.2) - cause lag itself. Can you provide more info, how much ram are you using for java exactly what version of the mod any other mods being used maybe even...
  8. ROMVoid

    Addon [1.12.2] Interstellar - Exoplanets (

    Verson: 0.0.7-beta >>>>>> CHANGELOG <<<<<< 0.0.4-beta Fixed critical dimensiontp issue added skyprovider to YzCeti B 0.0.5-beta blocks antenna, gratings, console add beta version info menu on startup normalize package names add decoration tab add custom sounds add celestialscreen realism...
  9. ROMVoid

    Problem : I don't have any button for the space station

    Space station creation is disabled in that modpack as its also disabled on its official server. Simply go into the core.cfg file in the Galacticraft configs and on line 199: set this to true B:"Disable Space Station creation"=false
  10. ROMVoid

    Addon [1.12.2] Interstellar - Exoplanets (

    Verson: 0.0.3-beta >>>>>> CHANGELOG <<<<<< - Added Unfinished SolarSystems & Planets - Created Habitable Zones on CelestialMap - Create Mod Config GUI - Fixed Creative Tab missing texture - Added a few Decoration Blocks - No Longer Requires ReadOnlyCore to Run - API Only jar included in...
  11. ROMVoid

    Extra planets add-on glitches out my galacticraft

    besides the fact that this is a different thread and your post is regarding a completely non-galacticraft related issue, ill go ahead and give a small pointer you need to install the top 2 mods on that error and update the mod on the bottom on your client
  12. ROMVoid

    Extra planets add-on glitches out my galacticraft

    Would be better and easier to find a fix if you could possibly provide the latest.log file.
  13. ROMVoid

    Cannot "Launch" To The Moon On A Moonquest++ Server 1.12.2

    try a sponge version that is above 7.1.5, that did fix an issue i had on a server a good while ago, that version of sponge is quite dated. at the time the version that i used that fixed this issue was 1.12.2-2768-7.1.5-RC3522 but i would try either 1.12.2-2838-7.2.0 or 1.12.2-2838-7.2.1-RC4011...
  14. ROMVoid

    Addon [1.12.2] Interstellar - Exoplanets (

    Bringing Real Exo Planets to Galacticraft THIS ADDON IS STILL IN EARLY BETA This is the release and very early beta of my new Galacticraft Addon. Every planet that will be added is a confirmed Exoplanet that is documented in the NASA's Exoplanet Archive. The addon will also feature...
  15. ROMVoid

    Space Warfare Addon, Please?

    i've always fancied this idea for galacticraft
  16. ROMVoid

    Hardlock occurs when trying to return to Earth

    what exactly was the issue on BetterPortals end if you don't mine the question
  17. ROMVoid

    The Changelog for Galacticraft 1.12.2 is not currently updating i agree as well. If you use the link above its to the discord server what posts every commit done to the repo from github. not what i prefer but i take what i can get