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  1. The CraZcat

    what mods do you use most with Galacticraft and why ?

    Er, I use LOTS of mods with Galacticraft (a bit more than 200.) But I will say that of all of them, I think IC2's quantum suit makes for the best space suit.
  2. The CraZcat

    Escape Rockets, Evolved Blazes, and More

    Actually, I was thinking the Evolved blaze boss to be the only blaze to shoot iceballs. If there were regular enemies that did that, then they would look awfully like the Blizz from the Thermal Expansion mod. If you want to see a Blizz without downloading that mod, here is a screenshot for you...
  3. The CraZcat

    New Sol system?

    Once I figure out Minecraft modding, I'm going to use the API and try making me a new solar system myself! I already have plans, but of course... Programming. I still have to figure java out, which is like starting from scratch for me because the impossibly complex programming that I run on...
  4. The CraZcat

    Escape Rockets, Evolved Blazes, and More

    I thank you for the compliment! And as for that iridium armor. I'll make it between iron and diamond in strength (but it will still last as long as I first intended). How's that?
  5. The CraZcat

    Escape Rockets, Evolved Blazes, and More

    Good day to you, galaxy! I just came up with a few interesting (from my twisted perspective anyway:p) ideas I thought I wanted to share with you all. FIRST UP! Escape Rockets These are the rockets that made it to the title of the thread, and I'm going to assume their blueprints will be found in...