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  1. Kethrian

    Realism vs Fun... (The Jupiter argument)

    I've thought of a great way to keep everyone happy: Create 2 mod packs! Mod pack 1: Realism: You CANT land on Jupiter, there are NO MOBS spawning on any planet because zombies are unrealistic. There are no alien villagers, because we know there is no intelligent life out there. There is no...
  2. Kethrian

    Rocket: Construction and mechanics

    I've read a few rocket threads wanting everything from manual control in deep space to multi-block structures and launch pads. I'm not keen any of them, so thought I'd put a suggestion together encompassing construction, upgrades and some utilities giving some extra functionality without...
  3. Kethrian

    The Solar System - increasing challenges (very long)

    Hi guys. Ive been playing the galacticraft mod for a few weeks on our community server, backed up with a variety of other mods such as mekanism and MFFS. Heres my vision of how the solar system should be put together: Increasing challenge: Each new planet/location should offer a new...