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    New Compressor Recipes

    Could there be compressor recipes that take the product that an ore give you (like coal or diamond, but not gold ore or gold) and cobblestone, moon rock, martian cobblestone or any other rock from a planet where ores are and "put the ores into the rock"? Like this: desh + martian cobblestone...
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    Power instead of storage for galacticraft vehicles

    Could there be a variant of the cargo rocket and buggies that instead of having an inventory, they have power storage? This would, for me, be great when I go to the asteroids or to mars. I was thinking that for the crafting recipe, either a energy storage module or storage cluster could go...
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    More uses for copper

    I only have galacticraft copper and I do not have other mods that use copper.
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    More uses for copper

    Every galacticraft game I have made, I always have one problem. I have too much copper. There are barely any uses for copper and it is the easiest recourse to find (except coal). Could there please be some recipe changes to use more copper?
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    Addon [1.7.10 - 1.12.2] Extra Planets *Updated 10/01/2021*

    I am on 11.2 on the newest version and the electric rocket will not launch, even with the creative rocket.
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    Problem updating galacticraft

    I updated my 11.2 world with galacticraft 164 after I had conquered the first moon boss and opened the chest. When I updated and went to mars, the FIRST dungeon chest had no loot, but the second chest did. In any newly created world or any world where I did not finish the dungeon, the chests...
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    Problem updating galacticraft

    I updated galacticraft to the newest version, 168, and when I go to any dungeon, the tier chest contains nothing. How do I properly update galacticraft? Thank you, Srsam
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    Possible bug with batteries

    So when will this build be published and will it be fine for me to update my build?
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    Possible bug with batteries

    I have just created another new world in 11.2 with the newest galacticraft version and there are two ‘problems’. For empty batteries, you can stack them, but if you put the stack into an advanced solar panel, it charges all four at the same time using the same amount of power it takes to charge...
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    Addon [1.7.10 - 1.12.2] Extra Planets *Updated 10/01/2021*

    Sorry, I was NOT trying to edit your mod.... I was trying to combine two different mods (vein miner and tree chopper) into one mod that mines ores.
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    Addon [1.7.10 - 1.12.2] Extra Planets *Updated 10/01/2021*

    How do you open .class files?
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    Addon [1.7.10 - 1.12.2] Extra Planets *Updated 10/01/2021*

    I know this is off topic, but what program do you use for your modding?
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    Trying to script the developers download of Galactrifcaft

    Hello, I am a newbie mod developer and I was trying to figure out how to code in some addons I was thinking of. Can anyone help me? Thank you, Srsam
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    Addon [1.7.10] Space research

    Could you post the page for all the recipes?
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    Editing the wiki

    Ok, I will try that.
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    Some Small Suggestions I had

    I like those ideas, but some other mods might have some of those ideas in them.
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    Space Stations in Every Planets

    I agree, there is really no reason to have anything else. You could use launch-controllers to send cargo rockets. I don't see a reason for any other reason for inter-planet travel.
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    Resource Pack Aeon Extension Patch & Aeon Resource Pack (with Galacticraft support)

    I have not tried the pack yet. What mods would you play with GC (besides anything like extraplanets)?
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    Editing the wiki

    Ok, thank you. But for Venus there are parts of the wiki that I cannot edit because it say that I have to create the page, could someone make all the pages for Venus?