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    Advanced Air locks

    I support this :D
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    time travel

    I don't think this would fit in the mod.
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    Add Plants that arent real

    It's still a cool place.
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    My Moon suggestions

    I prefer willagers with gas-tanks like the monsters
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    Add Plants that arent real

    Because it sucks
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    Add Plants that arent real

    The only unreal planet I would support is Pandora. (The avatar planet)
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    Space Station Freedom

    With what purpose?
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    Space Station Freedom

    I support this idea :cool:
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    Cant create a space station

    Am I the only person who can't create space stations? I have enough materials but when I press "create space station", nothing happens.
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    Post mods that dont and do co-operate with Galacticraft

    Flan's mod works with 0.1.23
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    horizontal airlock

    Nice idea! It would be nice if you can make 3x3 doors, so you can hide your rocket underground, and open the door before launch.
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    I think it's a nice idea but it should be a priority for now.
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    better villages

    Why should there be air inside the houses if the villagers can wear oxygen masks?
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    Oxygen fills room, not outside :)

    I really support this idea. But i think it would be nice if the air which would normaly be outside, fill in areas outside of the regular round bubble shape. For example: You have a small, square base, with a tunnel for the entrance. The air should flow into the corners of the base and into the...
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    I struck black gold!

    Same problem here...
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    [Suggestion] Making Flans Mod Fully Compatible.

    this would require a lot of code change at Flan's side. So this will never happen. But I must say, it's fun to fly around the moon in a Dropship.
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    Re-name the overworld

    Overworld is a correct term if you are talking about the Nether/Overworld. Besides, in the yogscast video for example, there are creepers on Mars aswell. Schould we give Mars another name? No.
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    I struck black gold!

    That is some good stuff you have there
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    Changing avatar

    Same problem here. I have tried it in 3 different browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Explorer)
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    Alien species!

    Mooncows? How are they supposed to stay alive without grass and water? Testificates have their farms and zombies can live by eating testificate brains.